Dear Editor:

I am relatively new to town and drive through Scottsboro three to five times a week, almost always coming up Highway 79 and then on Broad Street.

I always (well, nine out of 10 times) get a red light at the intersection nearest Piggly Wiggly and often have to avoid a near accident.

It doesn’t matter whether I am heading into town or heading home, the light is always red and there is never enough turn lane space for cars trying to make a turn.

It gets even more interesting when school buses or tractor trailers get in the mix and lanes get fully blocked instead of half blocked.

Over and over again, cars try to squeeze by in too little a space and cars rushing to get though before the malfunction junction gets blocked, narrowly avoided each other.

I am amazed there haven’t been more accidents at this terrible intersection where the roads are crossing are off by perhaps two car lengths.

The saddest part of all, is there is a “for sale” sign at the intersection for land, land that if bought by the city could correct the intersection hazard and protect the school kids from harm.

Is it just me, or is everyone amazed that the city just sits there waiting for the next accident to happen instead of buying the land and straightening out the two roads so only one light is needed and traffic can flow in an orderly manner?

—Alan Richardson


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