Dear Editor:

An Open Letter to Members of the Scottsboro Board of Education: Dear friends, I am writing to urge you not to disturb the front campus/lawn of the Page Educational building in order to create more parking spaces.

The building and lawn together constitute a historic setting, dating back to Scottsboro's earliest years. The lawn lends distinction to the building, as they both lend dignity and historical presence to the community.

I believe that when a public agency (Board of Education) moves into a historic building and surrounding campus, the agency leaders have an inherent responsibility to respect the space and its historical significance.

The historical marker, which is now removed from its place and lying on the campus lawn, describes the previous educational institutions which occupied the building/campus over the decades. I hope and trust that the marker will be re-set in a prominent spot on the campus for the edification of the public.

Please use your creative imaginations to utilize the two large paved parking lots you already have on the property. The center of the largest parking lot is only about 100 steps from the "main door" (College Avenue) of the building, surely not an inconvenient distance in this era of exercise and fitness!

If handicapped parking is needed, curbside spaces could be marked with paint and signage for even closer access. I call on you and your board to display respect for the historical value of the building and the lawn/campus that fronts it (Scott Street side), and do not damage or destroy the beautiful trees and lawn that have graced that spot for many decades.

—Barbara Jacobs Heath, Ph.D


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