Dear Editor:

Our country was not intended to be a two-party system, it evolved that way.  It was hoped that anyone would be able to run for office, and that the person most likely to identify and solve the problems would be elected.

Government’s responsibility is to stand between multi-national cooperations: billionaires and the poor, workers, and the elderly.  They should build ladders for the poor to enter the middle class make lives better for the middle class, and ensure the elderly are able to live with dignity.  They should endeavor to solve all issues in the best interest of the poor, the middle class, and the elderly.

The Democrat has did this!  Some examples: N.R.A (National Recovery Act),  Social Security, Medicare, Medicade, The Affordable Care Act, The Fair Labor Standards Act which contains the child labor laws and minimum wage law, eft. And several others.

The Democrat is most likely to protect the poor, the worker rights, and the elderly.  Help make sure that all issues are solved in our best interest, working together we can make life better!  Vote Democrat.

—George O. Lewis

Scottsboro, AL

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