Dear Editor:

Rule #3: Never believe what people tell you- always verify!

I just saw three commercials from three different Republicans.  Each one of these had this statement, “Aren’t you tired of abortion being paid for with tax dollars?”  Let us together blow some of the smoke away and take a close look at this bill of goods they are trying to sell us.  Let us say that we are tired of tax dollars paying for abortions.  Why would we vote for any of these people, they are Republican they legalized abortions!

President Nixon, a Republican, appointed a Republican Justice to the Supreme Court. This Justice wrote the decision-making abortion legal.  This decision was written daring President Ford’s, a Republican administration at which time First Lady Betty Ford, a Republican, said “I am glad because it takes it out of the back rooms and the back woods and puts it in the hospitals where it belongs.”

Then after they legalized it, they met with our church leaders and convinced them that even though they had legalized abortion if they would get their members to vote Republican, they would now make it illegal.

We have to think for ourselves; our leaders have been completely deceiving.  We need to arm ourselves with the truth and the facts.  The only hope they have to win is to deceive as many of us as possible.  If we arm ourselves with the truth and the facts, we will always win when we make the effort to vote.

They would have us believe that after they made something legal, they will now make it illegal.  They don’t seem to know the difference between Federal Law and State law.  They keep sending this to their states instead of their Senate or House members.

I heard this on party line a few days ago, this is apparently what he had for sale.  He said, “if anybody should see Nancy Pelosi walking on our streets take her by the hand and lead her to the nearest nursing home.”  My answer to that is if you see Donald trump out walking our streets take him by the hand and lead him to the nearest Veterans Home.  No wait, we cannot do that he is a draft dodger.  We will have to lead him to the same home you just lead Ms. Pelosi to!

We need to get the truth and the facts and vote on election day.  With these we will always make the best choice! 

I encourage you if you find the facts in this letter to be true, to share them with your friends on Facebook and otherwise.

Working together we can make life better!

—George Lewis


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