Scottsboro Police Chief Ralph Dawe wants each one of his police officers to have a vehicle.

While that sinks in, imagine this: if there is an accident, or even worse, a crime, currently a police officer off duty would have to drive up to the police department to get a vehicle before going to the scene.

Now, imagine if it was you in the accident or a crime incident. Would you not feel much better knowing a police officer can drive straight to scene?

Currently, 28 Scottsboro officers are splitting vehicles per shift. According to Dawe, the patrol vehicles run on two shifts per day, seven days a week, putting 36,000 miles a year.

Right now, it’s costing the city $45,000 per year in maintenance.

Dawe believes that cost can be cut in half if a vehicle is assigned to every officer. It also cuts mileage in half.

With every officer having a vehicle, the officers would drive him or her home and park.  When there’s an emergency and an officer is called out, he or she can respond much quicker.

Of course, it comes down to money. Right now, the police cars are lasting five or six years, if the department is lucky.

Dawe’s plan would add 13 vehicles, and in the long run, save money as the vehicles would last longer than five or six years.

And also, neighborhoods would feel a little safer.

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