It’s easy to overlook the positive when focused on the negative. In a vibrant community such as ours there will always be growing pains, and they aren’t necessarily a bad thing. When managed properly, and paired with education and experience, growing pains can lead to a beautiful result. This newfound wisdom can then be applied in future scenarios as the community continues to grow.

Challenges associated with the downtown renovation project are growing pains. Traffic backed up on Highway 72 at rush hour is a growing pain. As with managing a home or business, there will always be work needing done. There will always be another project that requires attention at the same time you’re working on three others.

We’re traveling on a path to a destination, but we’re not there yet. Our community has a team of good and talented people working hard every day to help us arrive to the place we want to be. This team, from state representatives and senators, to county commissioners and mayors, economic development personnel, chamber leaders, support crews, maintenance teams and repair specialists are all working hard day in and day out for us.

They work to maintain what we currently have, the history and nostalgia that can’t be fabricated. They are also working to attract new business and amenities that a growing community desires. Later this week we’ll celebrate a grand opening and ribbon cutting at a new business here in town. These, and other like events, are credit to the hardworking people in our community.

These people, our friends and neighbors, don’t always get the praise they deserve. We encourage everyone to remember that what we’re experiencing are growing pains, and aren’t permanent.

It’s perfectly acceptable, and expected, that we will all have our own opinions about the process and our individual desires. Please, feel free to voice them here on this page. Just know that we’re all working together toward a common goal, one that we’re confident we’ll achieve.

In the meantime, be sure to thank city and county employees and all others involved for their roles our continued progress.

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