A friend made one of those funny off the cuff remarks earlier this week that is likely to stick with me for years to come. When he was finished, I had a good laugh and thought, “Man you’ve got a great idea.”

We were talking about going out to lunch and were trying to decide where to dine. 

“I’m game for anything,” I said. 

It wasn’t long before we agreed on a place to meet and eat the next day. Before we parted, the conversation somehow turned to the ladies and the same process. 

“I think I’ll open a restaurant and call it I Don’t Care or maybe Whatever,” my friend said.

That’s when I lost it, told him he had a brilliant idea and that, with the right location, he would be rich enough to retire in a matter of weeks.

Choosing a place to eat isn’t quite so easy when ladies are thrown in the mix. We played the conversation out verbally realizing during the process that most men probably understand the dilemma.

“Where would you like to eat honey?”

The reply, three words, “I don’ care?”

“Well, what do you think about (and the hubby names off 3 or 4 places)?”

“Whatever,” is the common response.

I took the topic up at the lunch table where I regularly eat. The guys got a kick out of it and related similar stories, confirming my earlier hypothesis.

“OK then, if you don’t care I think we should go to (——),” one guy said. 

“No,” the wife answers emphatically.

“Well, then where would you like to go?” came the response.

“I don’t care. Whatever,” the wife replies.

Trying to be the nice hubby, the man says, “Well, out of the places I named what is your choice.”

The answer, “I don’t care. I’m starving, let’s just eat.”

That’s a recipe for disaster and guys know it. Then, thinking it’s the right thing to do and not considering the consequences, the guy responds, “you pick.”

And, we’re right back where we started. “I don’t care. Whatever.”

Now, don’t you agree my friend is on to something? He’s matching the name of his proposed eatery with the answers that flow  (admittedly by both parties) back and forth when husbands and wives are trying to decide where to eat. It’s more about trying to please or not offend the other than it is about the choice of eateries.

Imagine the conversation.

“I don’t care.”

“Why, sure honey, it’s just down the street.”


“Hang on. We just passed it. Let’s turn around and go back.”

Now, that’s a recipe for a ringing cash register and a timesaver for husbands and wives.

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