Dear Editor:

I want to thank you for printing the article, “Thank God for Donald Trump.” I also want to thank the article’s author for this his thoughts and comments.

When I voted for candidate Donald Trump, I was not a real fan, but I did know what a terrible thing it would be if his opposition were to win.

I do not remember a national candidate that remembered the promises he or she made while running, but Donald Trump has and continues to do so. If this president can accomplish all he has in his short time in office, with constant harassment and ridicule, just think what he might have accomplished with the support he deserves.

The illegal games that are being carried out, each and every day, should be met with the laws they are breaking and be held responsible for the lies they are spreading.

Adolf Hitler knew what the control of the media could accomplish as he led an entire country, and world, down a path of destruction. He did so by controlling what the people were told through the news media.

Thank dear God for your courage and that of the author of the article to let us know this is still the greatest country that has ever been on this planet. With courage and devotion to God’s Truth, that founded and raised this country, we will show the world the Blessings of God continues to place in the hands of the His people.

—Ronny Whitaker


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