Dear Editor:

The people overseeing the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office have plenty to be embarrassed about. The office continues to operate with fewer deputies than they should have.

When some of the deputies have to miss work because of various reasons including quarantine, they have trouble covering the county. They are doing the best they can; a very good job under those conditions.

The best I can tell no one has made any effort to solve this problem. If we had a few more deputies, maybe we could get them to take the  census. Does this job pay more than we are paying our deputies? What a shame.

As crime goes up and we don’t have enough deputies, we are more likely to get one injured or God forbid, killed. If we could get a job where we could earn a better living for our family and we wouldn’t be likely to get hurt, wouldn’t we take it?

We should remember if no one makes an attempt to solve this problem and someone gets hurt as a result because our representatives are aware of the problem and took no action, we the taxpayers will be responsible for the damages.

Let us make sure that someone at least makes an effort to solve this shameful situation. Working together, we can make life better.

—George O. Lewis


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