Give me a break.

Technology is way out of hand. Rapid advancements have been made in the last 20 years. Heck, something new pops on the market one week only to be replaced by the latest and greatest a week later. 

But, this one takes the cake. I don’t know whether it’s the epitome of laziness or just a guy with too much time on his hands, but Hans Scharler, a Pittsburgh man, has rigged a toaster to tweet.

Scharler wired his toaster to his Twitter so that it tweets “Toasting” and “Done Toasting.” That’s it. It does it every time the toaster is in use morning, noon or night.

I don’t know what Scharler is doing while he’s waiting the 2-3 minutes for his toast to cook somewhere between medium and dark, but I can’t imagine it’s anything earth shattering. Surely he could just wait like most people do.

The tweet is automatically uploaded by using the ioBridge module that helps developers connect various projects to the Internet. The toaster account has more than 2,000 followers so those people instantly know when Scharler’s toast is in the toaster and then when it’s popped up — like a Jack in the Box — and ready.

Scharler’s not a genius. Let’s just say he’s eccentric.

He glued a switch to the outside of his toaster. It detects when the slider is down and toasting or when it’s up and finished. With some alligator clips, a 1k resistor, and a terminal bridge the switch alerts an event widget on ioBridges’s digital input. From there Scharler gets Twitter notifications on the status of his toast as do the followers of the account.

Did you get that? Me neither.

One thing is for sure, Scharler has started something of a fad that’s sure to catch on and be all the rage. PayPall is already getting in on the act and thermometers in some locations automatically tweet the temperature.

The whole thing just makes me shake my head. It kinda makes one wonder how long it will be before some technology wizard comes up with a tweet from the can based on a weight sensitive device. The tweet might read, “Occupied” or “Unoccupied.” 

Either way Scharler’s tweet idea is cute but over the top. But, it proves a point, s there is just TMI (too much information) out there today. 

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