Dear Editor:

I came very close to putting my name on the ballot for City Council Place #1, I didn’t, but why?

  1. My age could very well hold me back on doing my duty at that position.
  2. I also believe we have 2 very capable men in that city council race.  May the best man win.
  3. And last but not least, there will always be a need for my services in the Scottsboro area to help control the wild animals in our area.

There are three very important positions to be filled August 25; Mayor and 2 Council seats.  There are some very good men and ladies in these three races.  Just remember the best wins with the most votes, so go vote your choice; don’t just say you are going to vote for one of he and set at home. 

Please don’t base your choice to vote for post or present; but the most capable one for the future of the city I love, and I am sure all of you do also. 

If we all go cast our vote, then we will get the best for Scottsboro.

—Bobby Shackleford



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