Dear Editor:

Since this past May the country has experienced an onslaught of violence that has been relentless and never ending.  Violence has broken out in just about every major city and many cities failed to take action to curtail the rioting and looting.  The more the rioters were appeased, the more violence and destruction occurred. 

For a long time Democrats refused to condemn the violence and still are reluctant to do so.   It has become obvious that violence was planned and organized since 2013 and was just waiting for an excuse and opportunity to cause mayhem. 

The main culprits are Antifa and BLM (both Marxist driven).  BLM is heavily funded by Democrat operatives such as George Soros, Tom Steyer, and several corporations (i.e., Amazon, Microsoft).  In turn BLM contributes heavily to the Democrat Party.  Keep in mind this violence broke out in a multitude of cities across the country at the same time. 

This became the ultimate weapon to hurt the economy and influence the election results in Nov 2020.  Previously the Democrats had used a false impeachment and false Russian Collusion during 3 ½ years of attempting to overthrow the President of the USA.  And now unsolicited ballots are being mailed out to people to vote for President with no realistic way to verify who really cast the ballot so as to promote fraudulent voting and controversy with a high potential for long drawn out election results.

Each of these tactics represents a total loss of civility which the country should never endure and which should never happen again no matter who wins the election on Nov 3.

Finally since 2016 the U.S. has had the best President in my lifetime.  Robert Spencer evaluated all Presidents and gave Trump a rating of a perfect 10.  Only Reagan (9) and Ford (5) were rated higher than a 2 going back to President Kennedy (5).  

Trump has been a phenomenal President and has an excellent grasp of just about everything.  The economy and foreign affairs could not have been handled better.  Tariffs have brought and are bringing jobs back to the USA.  Appointments to the Supreme Court have been outstanding.  His success has been the envy of Democrats and even some Republicans.  His successes have been in spite of the relentless opposition to virtually everything he has done.  President Trump must be re-elected President of the United States of America!

The positions of the Democrats and Republicans are polar opposites.  Socialism and government control with higher taxes reign supreme with the Democrats, while limited government, adherence to our constitution, and reduced taxes are paramount with the Republicans.

No matter who wins the election it will be of the utmost importance to return to our Judeo-Christian heritage.  We tend to be a nation with emotional immaturity and not responsible to God.  Our nation must be anchored with obedience to God.  We must adhere to Christian values.  We must return to civility.   I hope and pray that what has happened to President Trump never happens to another President.


—Tom Bragg


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