Dear Editor:

The United States of America has been in the throes of a massive tearing down for about 8 years starting about 2008.  It was billed as “Hope and Change”.  Well, it turned out to be a marked departure from the Christian heritage of this country and upheaval of social values, immigration of people whose values were and are to do away with people not aligned with Islam, condoning violence and lawlessness, and otherwise disregarding all the things that made this country great.  Yes, it has been a tear down of great and massive proportions, which will require time and much effort to overcome and right the ship of state.

In the attempt to right the ship of state our country has been blessed to have elected a President with the will and vision to return our country to a solid foundation. The lies, hate, and constant misinformation have rained as never before. The haters are in a state of shock, and have doubled down in their misleading and hateful rhetoric.  Our President has been masterful in feeding them with a little dose of their own medicine.  Our President has been most effectively steering the course of state back toward our Christian roots and heritage – things that originally made America great.  It has been and continues to be a formidable battle with even opposition or lack of full support even within his own party.  His courage and persistence has been remarkable, and he has not shied away from the task at hand. 

In the course of social upheaval this country has battled social abuses with respect to marriage, gender identification and restroom accessibility.  The U.S. Episcopal Church (and there are members of other churches in the same boat) has even aided and abetted many of these misdirected efforts with their support of same-sex marriage, putting the church in bed with the many lies and hate that has abounded.  All in all there has been and continues to be a strong anti-Christian bias in the USA.  

I think many Christians in this country have been of a mind to be supportive and loyal to our government and to our country, not wanting to be openly disobedient or to strike out against the unity that makes a nation great.  We have wanted to be cooperative, obedient, and civil in opposing things that were taking place.  But there has come a time when enough is enough.  The tearing down, the hate, the lies, the destruction and removal of monuments, the desecration of the Confederate flag, the bullying of the baker, the riots against free speech, the destruction of property, total lack of civility – again, enough is enough.

When I was growing up the Confederate flag meant very little and did not seem to symbolize much of anything.  So many years had passed and our country had long since moved past these problems of years ago. 

After about 7 years of the previous administration in Washington the Confederate flag came to take on new meaning - a meaning of what was right, what was good, and a determination to restore morality and goodness of heart to our country. 

It is time to declare war on the destructive actions of the Left.  There is no way to continue to sit still.  You saw great evidence of this at the ballot box last November. 

With the hate and lies that have continued to be perpetrated, it is time to use whatever means is necessary to take back America again – back to values that Made America Great!  The “Tearing Down of America” must stop!


—Tom Bragg



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