Dear Editor:

I have had 14 bone marrow biopsies, two stem cell transplants and been isolated/quarantined two times in the hospital and numerous times in my home. None of those things have scared me as much as this virus has.

Part of that is because it is me fighting for me, and I don’t have to worry about my family and friends catching it. I felt some control over the cancer. I was a part of the treatment decisions. I could say stop chemotherapy at any time. I could take the doctor’s advice or not. I focused on one thing—beating cancer.

Now, I’m fighting the possibility of a virus no one knows much about. And people are downplaying the situation, thinking they are above the rules, feeling invincible and/or feeling we are overreacting.

Unfortunately several human beings don’t worry about anything until it affects them directly. For instance, until a person loses someone close to them they don’t seem to feel very emphatic to those that have a loss.

When they experience a loss they often have an “ah-ha” moment. It is my wish during this critical time people work on their empathy skills. (We are looking for things to do).

We really are all in this together as there now seems to be less boundaries for this invisible enemy. From six weeks to 108 years, it has claimed its victims. Everyone has a loved one that falls in that age group.

So, if you can’t or won’t do it for yourself, friends, your neighbor or the immune compromised, do it for that one relative that may fall ill to the coronavirus, COVID-19, Rona, the Devil or whatever you choose to call it.

Remember the virus does not care about your age, sex, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or political affiliations. It seems to know we are all equal. Isn’t it time we caught on and also treated people equally?

Do what you can to fight this enemy. I guarantee the medical and science communities know more than we about it, so let’s follow their guidance.

The thought of any of my family members or myself dying alone, on a ventilator (if one is available), feeling like it’s a drowning terrifies me. I hope you take this seriously and follow the guidelines. And pray. Please.

—Roxanne Wysock


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