Dear Editor:

Alabama Arbor Day 2019 was commemorated on Feb. 23 with a tree seedling distribution sponsored by The Scottsboro Tree Commission and The National Arbor Day Foundation.

We also celebrated the day with a tree planting in honor of our own commission member, Ron Cleaver.

The Tree Commission would sincerely like to thank all those who took part in and attended the event at the Veterans Fairgrounds exhibit building, with many thanks once again to the VFW for the use of that building.

For all their publicity efforts on our behalf before the big day, special thanks go to First United Methodist Church for the use of their beautiful digital community sign, The Jackson County Sentinel, The Clarion, Scottsboro Power Board’s channel 2, WWIC Radio and WKEA radio.

Many thanks to Smokey Bear and the Jackson County foresters for being on hand, and a huge debt of gratitude goes to the Jackson County Master Gardeners for their kind assistance. They are always there, side by side with us, and we couldn’t do this without them.

We appreciate the fine cleanup job done by several Jackson County Jail inmates, and we’d especially like to thank everyone who came out to take some seedlings home despite the inclement weather.

Your future trees will create a more beautiful, healthful environment in your own yard, which in turn improves neighborhoods and entire communities.

Trees clean our air, provide oxygen that we breathe, reduce noise, provide shade in summer, help reduce the chilling effect of winter winds, prevent soil erosion and create habitat for birds.

—The Scottsboro Tree Commission

Dot Claybrook, Ron Cleaver, Lisa Elkins, Tom Gallagher, Donna Greer, Gene Greer, Ron Leighton, Jason Shelton, Alan Stein, Cecil Wells and Jackson County Foresters, Lynn Washington and Bruce Bradford

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