Dear Editor:

Do you see anybody that look like us in Washington?  No wonder there seems to be very little common sense there, high browed people tend to lose their sanity. 

The multi-billionaires and the giant multi-national corporations are afraid of us, they know there are a lot more of us than them, and if we show up and vote armed with the truth and the facts we will always win.  They can only use their big money to discourage us from voting and to deceive as many of us as possible. 

This is the most elaborate deception I have ever seen.  It must have been directed by the Devil himself.  This is what they did.  First, they made abortion legal.  It occurred during a Republican administration and was written into law by a Republican appointee to the Supreme Court then when they got ready to pull the wool over our church leaders eyes, they looked up Miss Roe of Roe vs. Wade and paid her more money that we will make in our lifetime.

To recant her story and to say abortion is wrong, you can find this information on ABC News Death Bed Confessions, they even had a preacher baptize her, he probably did not know she was being paid.  She said, “of course I took their money and stood in front of the cameras and said what they told me to say.” 

After they did this, they told our church leaders if they would convince their member to vote for them, they would make abortion illegal (what did they not just make if legal). Our church leaders believed them.  This is how they got eighty-one percent of the Evangelical vote.  This is what they are doing now. 

They know this ruling is for all states and they know that the House and Senate are the ones who make the law for all the states, so instead of having a Senate of House member present any legislation while they had all the law makers, they have their Governors pass law in each of their states and then say look at me I have the most restrictive abortion law, knowing the state will spend millions of our tax dollars to no avail just so they can continue to deceive our church leaders and hold on to the power.

They try to make it hard for us to vote.  If they wanted us to vote, they would make election day a holiday!

Armed with the truth and the facts let us vote on election day!  We will let them know their deception has stepped into the light and we see them for what they are.  We will also convince these fence jumpers that all that green money they saw right before they leaped is not what they thought it was.

Don’t let them make us feel unimportant.  They truth and facts are on our side; we just need to go vote!! Working together we can make life better!

—George Lewis


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