Dear Editor:

We have all been recent witnesses to an event in our democracy that most would classify as a spectacle. This event was a dedicated effort by the Democrat representatives to remove a president elected by the voters.

It is apparent that our representatives have chosen the path of using the power and authority of the federal government to choose our president. Let that sink in no matter which party you support.

We came dangerously close to allowing the puffed-up power figures to remove our president because they did not like our choice. How long will it take for the next party to control both houses of Congress and impeach and remove a president the people elected?

This is akin to the college football refs selecting the winner they like with no regard to the score. One party even suggests changing the constitution to eliminate the genius of the electoral college. The privileged elite has shown their ability to control the popular vote by “buying” votes with promising government handouts and counting non-citizens in the census to provide an advantage in districts with high numbers.

We have been bystanders watching a big, expensive, arrogant bureaucracy accomplish essentially nothing while getting a big paycheck.

Our forefathers fought a revolutionary war to reject the hereditary principle of privilege and rank by the British. We now see over 90%, and sometimes as high as 98% of Congress reelected. It appears we have returned to the hereditary principle of having the privileged few rule over us again.

Our founders did not envision these career politicians, or they would have most likely required term limits. Why does Congress fiercely oppose term limits or spend an average of $1.6 million for a house seat and $19.4 million for a senate seat?

This is for a job that pays $174,000. What motivates someone to spend nine to over 100 times the amount of return (salary)? This clearly shows that working for a salary is not the primary reason for trying to get a seat in Congress and experience has shown it is not to benefit the people that elected them.

We fought for our freedom to form a republic where the citizens could pursue their occupation, enjoy the fruits of their labor, and live in peace and safety. We fought the British oppression of stealing our prosperity through taxation, but now have a similar situation as our government taxes us to support their lifestyle and causes.

Our taxes are used by the federal government to control and manipulate by returning to us and our states only what they approve. As Thomas Paine said prior to the revolution, “The palaces of the powerful elite are built on the ruins of our paradise.”

The spending of our federal government is past oppressive, as evidenced by the national debt of over $18 trillion and liability of over $150,000 per taxpayer. They are now aggressively spending the earnings of our children and grandchildren.

This spending creates an even bigger bureaucracy for programs we cannot afford. We need representatives that will stop spending to get reelected and tell the truth that the government cannot solve all of our problems.

Are there ways for the citizens of this country to regain control over our lives and from an out of control elitist federal government? Short of a second revolution, we must not be passive about our freedoms, demand term limits and elect citizens to government that represent our interests. Most importantly, we should refuse to allow our elections to be bought and accept the truth that big government control and spending are a threat to our freedoms and our children’s standard of living.

I believe the same anger and independent spirit that caused our brave ancestors to defeat the oppressive rule of the British elites still exist in hard-working citizens today. We have allowed politicians to divide us along party lines that no one can cross. We as citizens live, work and socialize with those having different opinions every day.

We do not always agree on everything, but we get the job done by recognizing the higher goals of pursuing our happiness, raising families and treating others with respect. We should require the same from those we elect and pay to represent us.

—Jim Blackburn


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