Dear Editor:

“The Man” article in the Jackson County Sentinel, July 5, 2019 was an enlightening read. 

Jackson County Commission Chairperson Tim Guffey places blame on all but himself, he blames the Legislative Delegation and the previous commission regarding decreasing General Fund revenues. 

What needs to be accomplished to resolve the problem? 

First and foremost, Mr. Guffey needs to learn how to communicate with the Legislative Delegation and the public. Example, the Jackson County Commission held a budget meeting on May 29, 2019, the great thing about this meeting (satire intended) is the Youtube video, link: In the video Guffey makes several disparaging remarks about the Legislative Delegation, at 44 min.15 sec. to 46 min. 33 sec, Guffey makes pointed allegations at the delegation: ". . . lies and fabrications . . . Delegation has chosen to do nothing . . ." That is not true, and it is not the way, form and fashion to gain the support of those who control the ability to place forward legislation which may assist the county commission in resolving OUR budget crisis. 

There is a decrease in the commission revenue stream, e.g. TVA-In-Lieu-of-Tax. The failure of the Chairperson of the Jackson County Commission to communicate effectively is a problem which may result in furthering OUR financial problems. 

Get it together Mr. Guffey, and communicate effectively with the Legislative Delegation instead of making deceitful, disparaging remarks about those who may facilitate legislation to resolve the citizen’s problems with OUR General Fund budget of Jackson County.

—Garry Morgan



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