Some days are better than others. Just ask me and I’ll tell you.

Out of necessity, I had to write a column today. My day is normally Friday but at 5 p.m. Wednesday, I learned it was my time.

My first thought was, “dangit.” and then I remembered reading a brief story about the woman who won the $590 million Powerball lottery in Florida on May 19. Her identity wasn’t known until Wednesday when she stepped forward to claim her fortune.

“Eureka,” I thought, “that’s a topic I can fill some space with.”

I’m not a lottery player. I would just as soon put a dollar bill in the toilet, flush it and watch it swirl round and round as it goes down the drain. My theory is that will last longer than the time it takes to purchase a ticket and it’s entertainment.

Back to the winner. The 84-year old woman took the payment in a pre-tax $390 million option. 

“I guess if I was 84 years old and had hit the jackpot in cash I would want it up front too so I could enjoy it a while.

The funny thing is how the lady came to get the ticket at a Publix grocery store in a small town about the size of Scottsboro. She was waiting in line when a gentlemen inf front of her told her she could have his place. As she paid for her purchases she bought the computer generated Powerball ticket with what turned out to be the winning number.

How ironic is that? How do you think that gentleman (and indeed he can be identified in that manner since he let an elderly lady move up in line) feels today? 

If the man bought a computer generated ticket he probably feels a little bit sick. He might say, “there goes my early retirement.” At the very least, he probably thinks, “it could have been me.”

After hearing the story, someone in the office said the man would probably sue for his part of the winnings. Maybe not. After all he is a gentlemen, which has its own rewards. And, isn’t treating others as you want to be treated what it’s all about anyway? 

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