Dear Editor:

When we established this more perfect (nothing is perfect, but it is better than anything else that is out there) Union, we had seen so many people die in the name of their god (this remains the number one reason people are killed today, even after the atomic bomb) we believed all religions could and should live in peace.  We thought people would start asking each other, what do you do for a living, instead of where do you go to church?

We gave the nation a motto (E pluribus enum) out of many one.  It remained that way until 1955 when a republican president changed it to In God We Trust at this same time Under God was added to the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Republican leaders in their desire for power met with the Evangelical leaders and told them for their support they would do two things, make abortion illegal and make this a Christian Nation without looking to see where these things came from, the decision legalizing abortion was written by a republican appointee and the framers of our constitution hoped for religious freedom, they agreed.  This coincides with the decline in church attendance as some of the church leaders began to tell their members how to vote.

Help maintain the separation of church and state, don’t let your church leaders make you feel uncomfortable in church.  Let them know that you can decide who to vote for.

N.C.I.S. Gibb’s rule number three—Never believe what people tell you, always verify!

Working together we can make life better!

—George O. Lewis


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