Dear Editor:

When I was in school, spring break was cotton hoeing and fall break was cotton picking. We did not go to the beach and/or have parties, we went to work on the farm. If we didn’t go to school when it was in session, the Sheriff would have to check and see why. There had better be a good reason.

Apparently now days if you have $50, you can keep your children at home alleging that they will be home schooled. Some parents have the qualifications and ability to do that, but not many.  These children should be monitored at least  after six weeks, checked to see if they have any broken bones, bruises, and given a test to affirm they are learning. 

If the test indicates they are not learning, they should be given another test after four weeks, if they have not learned they should be returned to school, and the parents should have to pay a fine and pay a tutor to help the children catch up. 

Protect our children, save the future! 

Working together, we can make life better!

—George O. Lewis


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