Jason Bowen

The Plainview football program has been the thorn in a lot of teams’ sides over the last three decades.

The Bears have been one of the most consistent programs on Sand Mountain and in Northeast Alabama since the late 1980s, having made the playoffs in 26 of the last 27 seasons.

Two teams that have struggled with Plainview call Jackson County home: North Sand Mountain and Pisgah. One of those teams however, has vanquished some of its Plainview demons.

NSM was 0-16 against Plainview entering the teams’ 2015 meeting in Rainsville. But the Bison won 9-0 for their first win in the series. Those thinking it was a fluke were proven wrong last Friday as NSM (2-1) posted a 10-7 victory over Plainview (2-1), its second straight in the series. The second win was a statement victory. You can’t call it a fluke and it proclaims that NSM does have the potential to be a program on par with the best on Sand Mountain. 

Since 2011, NSM has posted four of the program’s nine all-time winning seasons. NSM football has changed on the field and certainly changing in fans’ perceptions.

“We’re trying to establish a legacy and a tradition. When you beat one of the better programs in this area, it makes you feel like you’re headed in the right direction to get to that level. That fuels us. That’s what we’re hoping for, to be up there with those programs,” NSM alum and first-year Bison head coach Keith Kirby said.

“The main ones we want to see it are the kids, to see that they can play with anybody.”

Now Pisgah gets a shot an ending its own woes against Plainview tonight. The Eagles have lost 22 straight game to Plainview; Pisgah’s last win in the series was 1988. Pisgah has plenty of motivation. The Eagles want to end the streak, they want to avoid an 0-2 start to Class 3A Region 7 play, and though not said, as competitors they want to defeat the team in which their head coach last season (Doug Hayes) is now serving as offensive coordinator.

This is first-year Pisgah head coach Anthony Jacks’ first dealings with the Pisgah-Plainview series. But he knows the background, and says the Eagles (1-2) can’t be “worried about past records, past streaks,” but acknowledged a win over  what he called “a respected team and a good team” would be big for the Eagles, who are looking to get “back on track” after two turnover-filled losses the past two weeks.

NSM ended its woes with Plainview. Will Pisgah?


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