› Head coach: Johnny Holman (third season)

› Sectional: Class 4A Section 4

› Sectional opponents: Brooks, Central-Florence, Deshler, Elkmont, Madison Academy, Priceville, St. John Paul II, West Limestone, West Morgan, Wilson

› 2018 Girls’ Team Finish: Did not play in 4A Section 4 Meet

› 2018 Boys’ Team Finish: 12th in 4A Section 4 Meet

› 2019 NJHS Girls Roster: Juniors Melissa Cardenas, Heidi Hicks, Delana Pierce and Sayni Ramirez; sophomore Emily Gilley

› 2019 NJHS Boys Roster: Seniors Abraham Castro and Daniel Feigel; juniors Wences Mendez, Will Rich and Alex Roper; sophomores Christian Coronado and Edgar Sanchez.

› Quoting coach: “We’ve had a lot of new kids come out this year without much experience.  But with my experienced runners, I’d like to build off their progress from last year. I’d like to compete for the Jackson county championship. Maybe qualify one or two of my kids for state.

› Sectional outlook: “To compete we are going to really have to push ourselves really hard.”

› Season opener: Today at Pisgah Invitational



› Head coach: Reggie Culpepper (first season)

› Sectional: Class 1A-2A Section 4

› Sectional opponents: Skyline, Section, Asbury, Cedar Bluff, Coosa Christian, Donoho, Faith Christian, Fyffe, Gaston, Ider, Jacksonville Christian, Ohatchee, Sacred Heart, Westbrook Christian

› 2018 Girls’ Team Finish: Did not play

› 2018 Boys’ Team Finish: Did not place at sectionals; one runner advanced to run at state

› 2019 NSM Girls Roster: Eighth-grader Lily McBrayer, Dacy Nail and Josee Nail

› 2019 NSM Boys Roster: Senior Jayden Culpepper; juniors Fernando Luna and Luke Maples; sophomores Lane Gamble, Jorge Luna and Shawn Phillips; sophomore Jonah Slay; freshmen Josue Luna and Kayden Gilley; eighth-graders Kolton Cooper, Skyler Holland, Leon Moore and Ben Williams

› Quoting coach: “This is my first year to coach cross country and this is also the first year for several  members of the team. Having said that I really believe that we have the potential for a good cross country team even though were short on experience. I have a couple of team members that ran last year that I hope will be able to provide some leadership and insight to the new runners.” 

› Sectional outlook: “In order to be successful were going to have to work really hard, be in great shape physically and improve from week to week We Just to try to improve each meet and compete at a high level at sectionals.”

› Season opener: Today at Pisgah Invitational 



› Head coach: Gus Hembree (11th season)

› Sectional: Class 3A Section 4

› Sectional opponents: Brindlee Mountain, Clements, Colbert Heights, East Lawrence, Geraldine, Lauderdale County, Lexington, New Hope, Westminster Christian

› 2018 Girls’ Team Finish: 15th in 3A State Meet; Second in 3A Section 4 Meet

› 2018 Boys’ Team Finish: 10th in 3A State Meet; Second in 3A Section 4 Meet

› 2019 PHS Girls Roster: Seniors Ally Darwin, Briley Hembree and Lauren Peek; juniors Amanda Davidson, Kaylynn Morgan and Madison Phillips; sophomores Rhylee Bell, Katie Guffey, Jordi Haynes and Jazzy Wilson; freshmen Lauren Allbritton, Addison Goff, Gracie Mckee and Kimberly Miller; eighth-graders Korian Brock, Sara Grace Gamble, Riley Grider, Kaylea Griffis and Kinsley Phillips; seventh-grader Serenity Olinger

› 2019 PHS Boys Roster: Seniors Tanner Baine and Trey Barrentine; junior Zach Cornelison, Holden Goff, Bailey Johnson and Austin Mabry; sophomores Bryant Overdear and Austin Wilson; freshmen Mason Overdear and Jake Smith; eighth-graders Dalton Johnson and Tristan Little

› Quoting coach: “It is hard to replace the seniors we lost last season, but this year’s group is beginning to step into that role. My (returning runners) know what is expected of them and are working hard to achieve it. They are having to do something no other group of seniors have had to do, help break in the most new runners in Pisgah cross country history. My newbies have had a large learning curve, but with the guidance of the returners, they are beginning to come around. The bar has been set high by the runners in the past and we are trying to live up to that. We feel good about where we are, but we know we have much work to do. We believe anything less than making state will be a huge letdown.” 

› Sectional outlook: “Our sectional is strong again this year. Defending 3A champ Westminster Christian in boys and Brindlee mountain is expected to be strong again on both sides. The sleeper is Colin Mayfield of Geraldine — he may win it all in 3A  — and we will have to compete against him all season.”

› Season opener: Today at Pisgah Invitational




› Head coach: Stormy Stevens (first season)

› Sectional: Class 1A-2A Section 4

› Sectional opponents: Skyline, NSM, Asbury, Cedar Bluff, Coosa Christian, Donoho, Faith Christian, Fyffe, Gaston, Ider, Jacksonville Christian, Ohatchee, Sacred Heart, Westbrook Christian

› 2018 Girls’ Team Finish: 13th at 1A-2A State Meet; Third at 1A-2A Section 4 meet

› 2018 Boys’ Team Finish: Did not field a team

› 2019 Section Girls Roster: Seniors Dailey Hanenburg and Haley Smart; juniors Gracie Dobbs, Carley Patterson and Jennifer Vega; sophomores Madison Armstrong, Morgan Armstrong, Harley Beam, Cindel Myers, Stephany Smith and Savannah White; freshmen Elizabeth Lemieux, Savannah Shoemaker, Trishell Smith and Zuleyma Vega; seventh-grader JoAnna Newsom

› 2019 Section Boys Roster: Juniors Andrew Martin and Clayton Murphree; sophomore Ethan Lemieux; freshmen William Holcomb and Conner White; eighth-grader Mason Blackerby; seventh-graders Conway Elsass, Draven Newsom and Giovanny Vega

› Quoting coach: “Some of our runners are true cross country runners, others use it as a supplemental sport to keep in shape for other sports. Either way we expect our runners to improve on a daily basis. Jennifer Vega made it a goal to place in the top ten at State this year, so I look for her to lead through example and help push the new runners to be as good as she is. She has had a few minor injuries in the last few weeks, but she is one of the toughest girls I have ever met so she will be fine. One newcomer, Ethan Lemieux, has shown great improvements since we have started back to running on a regular basis. I think he could do great things as a first year runner. We finally have some younger , seventh and eighth grades, runners that we are looking forward to seeing what they can do in the future. They bring a cheerful atmosphere to practice that is refreshing for everyone, and in turn makes everyone better.”

› Sectional outlook: “We are looking to win with a few runners, and to have fun with others. We are ultimately building for the future, but will all enjoy it either way. There are some tough opponents at our sectional, but cross country is a race against only yourself. We focus on pushing ourselves to be better each day. If we are better each day, we are successful.”

› Season opener: Today at Pisgah Invitational



› Head coach: Rhonda Saint (fourth season)

› Sectional: Class 1A-2A Section 4

› Sectional opponents: Section, NSM, Asbury, Cedar Bluff, Coosa Christian, Donoho, Faith Christian, Fyffe, Gaston, Ider, Jacksonville Christian, Ohatchee, Sacred Heart, Westbrook Christian

› 2018 Girls’ Team Finish: Did not place at sectionals

› 2018 Boys’ Team Finish: Fourth at sectionals

› 2019 Skyline Girls Roster: Junior Kaylee Saint; sophomore Kiera Ivy and Kayla Skipper; freshman Joslyn Boatwright; seventh-graders Gracie Putman and Katie Roach

› 2019 Skyline Boys Roster: Seniors Nathan Olinger, Tristan Roach and Kordell Talley; sophomore Karson Treece; eighth-grader JT Hastings, Bryant Kennamer and Trever Saint

› Quoting coach: “I want to see my runners improve each week as the season progresses. This group has a lot of talent. I need them to stay focused, healthy, and determined to be their best. My veteran runners know what it takes to do well in this sport. I want to see them be leaders on this team. I want them to do their best and turn in the best times this season that they have had in their career. I also want them to push and motivate the younger runners. My young runners have so much potential! I am excited to have a young team coming up. I am anxious to see how they do not only this season but also in seasons to come. I look for great things from them in the future.”

› Sectional outlook: “Our sectional is full of good competition. We have Ohatchee and Asbury who always do well. Sacred Heart and Cedar Bluff have had good teams in previous years as well. You can never over look any teams in the sectional though as we head into the beginning of the season. You never know from year to year who is going to show up with an exceptional group of runners. I'm looking forward to seeing how we perform this year. I would love to make another trip to the state meet with my runners. They work hard. I want that hard work to pay off for them.” 

› Season opener: Today at Pisgah Invitational



› Head coach: Bo Harding (seventh season)

› Sectional: Class 1A-2A Section 3

› Sectional opponents: Athens Bible, Belgreen, Cherokee County, Colbert County, Covenant Christian, Hatton, Lindsay Lane, Mars Hill Bible, Oakwood Adventist, Shoals Christian, Tanner, Vina, Whitesburg Christian.

› 2018 Girls Team Finish: Did not have a team

› 2018 Boys Team Finish: Eighth at 1A-2A Section 3

› 2019 Woodville Girls Roster: Eighth-grader Camila Prado

› 2019 Woodville Boys Roster: Junior Russell Roswal

› Quoting Coach: “We have runners who are less experienced this year and we will try to be better in October than we will be in August.”

› Sectional Outlook: “Our outlook is that we are hoping for consistent improvement from our runners as we go along this season. Whitesburg and Hatton are two of the teams have been very good in the past. Athens Bible has had a good cross country program recently as well.”

› Season opener: Today at Pisgah Invitational



› Oct. 31: Class 1A-7A Sectional Meets

› Nov. 9: Class 1A AHSAA Cross Country Championships at Oakville Indian Mounds Park and Museum

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