The Scottsboro varsity boys swimming team bested a strong field at the Cullman Invitational to claim another meet win.

The Wildcats edged host Cullman by 16 points to win the meet's varsity boys division title last Thursday night at Cullman Wellness and Aquatic Center.

Scottsboro closed with a team score of 118, with Cullman (102) second, Whitesburg Christian (72) third, Athens (71) fourth and Hazel Green (25) fifth. Eleven teams scored points in the meet.

Scottsboro swimmers posted four race wins, two runner-up finishes, four third-places, two fourth-place finishes and three fifth-place finishes. Race winners for Scottsboro were Luke Armour in the boys 200-yard Freestyle, William Porch in the 500-yard Freestyle, Arlen Parr in the 100-yard Breaststroke and Parr, Armour, Jake Benson and Benjamin Bradford in the 200-yard Medley Relay. 

“The boys showed up and showed out,” said Scottsboro coach Matt Brewer. “There were a lot of competitive swimmers and close races, so for our boys to come out on top and win the Cullman Invitational, was an incredible feeling. I enjoy watching these guys mature not only as swimmers but as young men. They make nights like (Thursday) so memorable.”

Meanwhile, Scottsboro finished sixth in the varsity girls division with a team score of 44 points. Cullman (112) won the varsity girls division while Whitesburg Christian (87) was second, Athens (78) third, Arab (63) fourth and Guntersville (50) fifth.

The SHS girls had two fourth-place finishes, two fifth-place finishes and 12 Top-10 finishes.

“The girls did extremely well based on the competition that was at the meet,” Brewer said. “Experiences like this will only help them to improve and grow as a team. Just as the boys, it was fun to see them swim events that they are not used to swimming in. However, we are going to keep pushing to get better and set new goals.” 

Scottsboro (162) finished second in the combined score behind Cullman (214).

“I was extremely proud of the effort that I saw from each swimmer,” Brewer said. “(It) was a fun meet for all of us, the energy from the team was contagious and it fueled our performances all night. As coaches it was very encouraging to see the swimmers compete in events that they normally do not compete in. To see them step out of their comfort zone and surpass coaching expectations was just the cherry on top.”

Here are the complete results for Scottsboro swimmers:


200-yard Medley Relay

5. Noelle Lee, Lily Turlington, Amelia Armour, Shelton Linville (2:13.65)

8. Alice Merck, Mackenzie Hughes, Kimberly Calderon-Diaz, Addison Hughes (2:34.49)

200-yard Freestyle

4. Noelle Lee (2:25.62)

12. Alice Merck (2:47.12)

200-yard Individual Medley

5. Amelia Armour (2:46.88)

6. Lily Turlington (2:48.72)

50-yard Freestyle

8. Noelle Lee (28.53)

100-yard Fly

6. Kimberly Calderon-Diaz (1:20.29)

8. Lily Turlington (1:24.56)

100-yard Freestyle

8. Amelia Armour (1:06.20)

16. Audrey Frye (1:14.20)

20. Mackenzie Hughes (1:20.06)

21. Addison Hughes (1:22.10)

200-yard Freestyle Relay

6. Alice Merck, Kimberly Calderon-Diaz, Audrey Frye, Shelton Linville (2:04.85)

100-yard Backstroke

9. Kimberly Calderon-Diaz (1:22.92)

11. Alice Merck (1:27.34)

15. Audrey Frye (1:38.25)

16. Addison Hughes (1:39.47)

100-yard Breaststroke

12. Mackenzie Hughes (1:43.30)

400-yard Freestyle Relay

4. Amelia Armour, Audrey Frye, Noelle Lee, Lily Turlington (4:34.01)


200-yard Medley Relay

1. Arlen Parr, Jake Benson, Luke Armour, Benjamin Bradford (1:50.48)

5. Preston Worley, William Porch, Craft Sanders, Cade Haggard (2:21.55)

200-yard Freestyle

1. Luke Armour (2:06.30)

4. Benjamin Bradford (2:11.00)

200-yard Individual Medley

4. William Porch (2:32.03)

5. Craft Sanders (2:43.10)

50-yard Freestyle

3. Benjamin Bradford (24.65)

5. Jake Benson (25.20)

34. Cade Haggard (35.56)

100-yard Fly

2. Arlen Parr (1:04.87)

100-yard Freestyle

3. Jake Benson (58.14)

13. Preston Worley (1:07.30)

500-yard Freestyle

1. William Porch (6:23.77)

200-yard Freestyle Relay

3. Craft Sanders, Preston Worley, Cade Haggard, William Porch (1:57.51)

100-yard Backstroke

3. Luke Armour (1:07.03)

7. Craft Sanders (1:14.20)

12. Cade Haggard (1:47.46)

100-yard Breaststroke

1. Arlen Parr (1:07.52)

7. Preston Worley (1:34.58)

400-yard Freestyle Relay

2. Benjamin Bradford, Luke Armour, Jake Benson, Arlen Parr (3:50.58).

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