The Scottsboro varsity boys swim team was not the favorite entering last Saturday’s North Alabama Swim Championships.

But the Wildcats decided to win the title anyway.

Scottsboro edged runner-up Buckhorn by eight points, 303-295, to win the varsity boys division crown during the annual North Alabama Swim Championships at Albertville.

“It was a fun meet to be a part of,” said SHS boys swim team coach Mark Richard. “Our sectional meet was canceled due to COVID-19, so we treated this North Alabama Championship meet as one that we could all be together at to celebrate and compete with the best in north Alabama. The boys team had a very dynamic day even though we were missing several athletes who would have also contributed greatly. There was not just a single athlete who made the difference… each member swimming for each other.”

The SHS boys won six of the 11 varsity boys events as 

John David Sanders and Levi Webb were part of four SHS victories (two individual and two relays).

Meanwhile, Scottsboro finished sixth in the varsity girls division with 126 points. Buckhorn (268 points) was first followed by James Clemens (227), Whitesburg Christian (214), Guntersville (168) and Arab (165).

Scottsboro has one more meet, the Last Chance Invite, on Nov. 21 before a modified AHSAA State Swim Championships, which will now be in Huntsville rather than at Auburn University, on Dec. 4-5.

“This season and year we have dealt with a significant amount of uncertainty and dealing with a lot of uncontrollable,” Richard said, “such as a huge change in State Qualifying Times, which has been from both moving to (Class) 6A-7A, along with additional drops in time because of having to limit the number of qualifiers drastically.”

Here are all of the results for Scottsboro swimmers from Saturday’s North Alabama Swim Championships:



200-yard Medley Relay

1. Benjamin Bradford, Levi Webb, Luke Armour, John David Sanders (1:47.65)


200-yard Freestyle

7. Bryce Orgill (2:37.65)


200-yard Individual Medley

6. William Porch (2:41.56)

7. Craft Sanders (3:00.82)


50-yard Freestyle

1. John David Sanders (23.02)

7. Jake Benson (25.46)

14. Benjamin Bradford (26.59)

21. Minh Le (27.61)

31. William Porch (29.41)

39. Holder Benson (31.58)

40. Bradyn Orgill (31.62)

52. Cole Haggard (40.54)


100-yard Butterfly

1. Levi Webb (55.13)

3. Luke Armour (1:00.76)


100-yard Freestyle

1. John David Sanders (51.12)

15. Benjamin Bradford (1:02.60)

22. Minh Le (1:04.89)

28. Bryce Orgill (1:11.34)

39. Cade Haggard (1:30.52)


200-yard Freestyle Relay

3. Benjamin Bradford, Minh Le, Jake Benson, Luke Armour (1:43.41) 

10. William Porch, Bradyn Orgill, Holder Benson, Cade Haggard (2:11.50)


100-yard Backstroke

4. Craft Sanders (1:41.91)

5. Bradyn Orgill (1:20.61)


100-yard Breaststroke

1. Levi Webb (1:01.54)

4. Jake Benson (1:14.07) 


400-yard Freestyle Relay

1. John David Sanders, Luke Armour, Jake Benson, Levi Webb (3:41.63)

7. Cade Haggard, Brayden Orgill, Bryce Orgill, Craft Sanders (5:03.68)



200-yard Medley Relay

8. Kimberly Calderon-Diaz, Shelton Linville, Paige Giles, Alice Merck (2:17.25)


200-yard Freestyle

7. Shelton Linville (2:30.81)

10. Jessica Vincent (2:41.94)


200-yard Individual Medley

8. Kimberly Calderon-Diaz (2:52.75)


50-yard Freestyle

30. Alice Merck (30.92)

40. Audrey Frye (32.34)


100-yard Butterfly

1. Page Giles (1:03.47)

8. Kimberly Calderon-Diaz (1:19.22)


100-yard Freestyle

29. Alice Merck (1:12.01)

32. Jessica Vincent (1:13.49)

33. Audrey Frye (1:13.55)


200-yard Freestyle Relay

6. Paige Giles, Shelton Linville, Kimberly Calderon-Diaz, Alice Merck (2:00.43)


100-yard Backstroke

2. Paige Giles (1:05.25)


100-yard Breaststroke

19. Shelton Linville (1:29.65)

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