The Scottsboro girls and boys cross country teams made the most of their final races on their home course this season.

The Wildcats won both the Varsity Girls 5K and the Varsity Boys 5K Race 2 Class 5A-7A team titles during the Last Chance Invitational on Scottsboro’s John R. Esslinger Trail of Champions.

“I was really impressed, and then you factor in the wind, and it took that impressiveness to another level,” said Scottsboro head coach Luke Robinson. “It looked from my perspective that they’re ready to attack, ready to go (heading into the postseason).”

Scottsboro won the Varsity Boys Race 2 with a near perfect score of 19. The Wildcats had five of the top-six finishers.

Cooper Atkins won the race with a time of 15:28.54 while Hayden Judge finished third (16:02.35), Zach Avenel fourth (16:08.73), Benson Atkins fifth (16:10.92) and Evan Hill sixth (16:16.22). Also for the Wildcats, Noah Bonsall placed 11th (16:30.31), Josh Hill 13th (17:09.21), Rex Green 14th (17:13.67), Brady Thomas 15th (17:15.27), Hamilton Richardson 21st (17:24.48), Stephen Jones 24th (17:33.90), Jackson Howes 31st (18:02.71), Ridge Wells 34th (18:07.92), Wilson Hill 35th (18:09.35), Cameron Estes 48th (18:51.05), Johny Felix 52nd (19:02.06) and Skylar Reichle 83rd (21:18.41).

Meanwhile, the SHS girls posted a winning low score of 40 in their race. Scottsboro finished 27 points better than Oak Mountain and 30 in front of Fort Payne.

Scottsboro had three top-seven finishers. Emma Bradford finished third (20:12.15) and Ally Campbell was fifth (20:23.58) to lead the Wildcats while Mia Martin was seventh (20:31.30). Also for Scottsboro, Smith Bradford finished 12th (21:14.19) and Cambree Bradford was 13th (21:15.41) while Maddie Gossett was 16th (21:24.12), Lauren Paradise 18th (21:31.48), Makenna Howes 20th (21:48.94), Gracy Coley 21st (21:53.08), Cadence Laughlin 26th (22:02.49), Shelton Linville 31st (22:32.94), Audrey Bradford 33rd (22:44.38), Hannah Cloud 61st (24:30.24), Shelby Laughlin 70th (25:35.92), Sera Laney 75th (25:53.91), Avery Earnest 90th (27:07.35) and Macey Frazier 98th (27:54.31). 

In the Varsity Boys 5K Race 1, Scottsboro finished fourth with a score of 101. Scottsboro’s top finisher in the race was Brady Strickland in ninth-place (20:05.46), John Merritt 10th (20:07.56), River Green 30th (21:32.36), Nathan Bearden 48th (23:43.93), Sawyer McWilliams 51st (23:48.84) and Brady Turner 55th (25:11.06).

It was their last home race for the Wildcats seniors, and Robinson said they made the most of it. “They left it all out there. I was proud of them.”

Skyline — The Vikings finished second in the Varsity Boys 5K Race 1 Class 1A-4A team standings behind St. Barnard.

Skyline’s Trever Saint won the race with a time of 19:49.69. Jamison Rowell followed in sixth place (20:38.21) for the Vikings while Colby Hambrick was 14th (21:57.64), Bryant Kennamer 16th (22:06.52) and Nathan Palmieri 35th (26:12.34).

Meanwhile, Skyline’s Katie Roach finished 24th (26:44.43) in the Varsity Girls 5A Race’s Class 1A-4A standings while Kaylee Bullock was 37th (32:26.51).

“I was extremely pleased with how my teams ran,” said Skyline coach Rhonda Saint. “We had PRs (personal records) across the board for my boys’ team. That is exactly the kind of performance I want to see from them next week at sectionals. Those PRs really boosted their confidence and I think it will definitely show over the course of the next week as they prepare for sectionals.”

Pisgah — The PHS girls (39 points) were second in the Class 1A-4A Girls 5K Race behind Ider (25).

Navaeh Evans finished seventh (23:06.86) for Pisgah while Kayana Stewart was ninth (23:53.01), Emma Sisk 15th (24:54.86), Jazmine Wilson 16th (24:57.80), Riley Grider 17th (25:12.67), Laily Brown 19th (25:20.17), Serenity Olinger 20th (25:24.31), Kimberly Miller 29th (28:00.35), Madison Phillips 30th (28:11.58) and Addison Goff 35th (29:48.61).

Meanwhile, the PHS boys finished third in the Varsity Boys 5K Race 1. Bryant Overdear finished fifth (20:37.13) while Jake Smith was 10th (21:20.11), Emanuel Elizondo 15th (22:03.21), Koen Smith 18th (22:11.41), Holden Goff 20th (22:17.68), Tristan Hutson 25th (23:22.6), Bailey Johnson 27th (23:29.18), Ethan Smith 28th (23:34.68), Mabry Austin 33rd (25:50.20) and Alex Elizondo 38th (28:28.66).

Running as individuals in the Varsity Boys 5K Race 2, Bob Johnson finished 12th (20:11.53) in the Class 1A-4A standings while Austin Wilson was 13th (20:28.60) and Brodie Overdear 14th (21:33.26).

Section — Jennifer Vega ran to a fifth-place finish (23:01.40) in the Varsity Girls 5K Class 1A-4A standings. 

Woodville — Kade Hermes posted a 34th-place finish (26:10.70) for the Panthers in the Varsity Boys 5K Race 1 Class 1A-4A standings.

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