The Scottsboro Swim Association kicked off the 2017 summer swim season with a convincing win.

Despite fielding a younger and less experienced squad than in recent years, the Wet ‘n’ Wildcats lived up to their reputation with a 573-74 victory over visiting Decatur Thursday night at the Rec*Com.

Scottsboro swept all 20 relay events and won 57 of the 64 individual events as well.

Ten SSA swimmers swept their three individual races: Ryder Linville, Morelia Calderon-Diaz, Izzy Nelson, Arlen Parr, Lily Turlington, Brady Peek, Clay Giles, Maggie Ella Robbins, Zach Beason and Bethany Dugan. Robbins added to her collection of team records with a 28.58 time in the 13-14 Girls 50-yard Backstroke.

Also coming away with at least one victory were Miles Hodges, Shane Miley Edwards, Eli Glass, Dylan Phillips, Joseph Gardner, Amelia Armour, Jake Benson, Aiden Goggans, Grayson Gattis, Diana Swain, Jake Vance, Noah Linville, Jessica Vincent, Abram Peek, Creed Wooden, Stephanie Bradbury and Makenna Worley.

Among the 53 SSA swimmers who scored with top three finishes were Eli Armour, Jayden Bradford, Ady Benson, Taylor Guttridge, Luke Lusk, Sydni Lee, Ben Bradford, Ayden Mashburn, Trip Nelson, Zach Strogov, Kate Gomez, Alice Merck, Luke Armour, Ansel Goggans, River Green, Kimberly Calderon-Diaz, Shelton Linville, Gabe Lyle, Anna Leigh Gossett, Abby Ray, Sarah Vance, Tanner Gossett, Staton Robbins, Will Rogers, Julia Arnold and Paige Megehee.

Also swimming well were Wes Colus, Jacob Fanning, Destiny Lewis, Holder Benson, Jeremiah Fanning, Preston Worley, Jossy Boles, Troy Reichle, Will Porch, Quent Cox, George Boles, Reese Edwards, Jasmine Hill, Noelle Lee, Jessica Simpson, Addison Thompson, Lilyan Robertson and Jessica Duncan.

The competition will be much stiffer in tonight’s road meet at Cullman. Scottsboro hosts Decatur and Fort Payne on Thursday for a triple dual meet.


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