Kenneth Webb has received plenty of congratulatory messages since his decision to play football for Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan was made public.

He’s also heard his fare share of weather jokes.

“About a hundred,” Webb said with a laugh.

Michigan in the winter isn’t something that Webb is about to let prevent him from chasing his dream.

The Scottsboro senior will punt for Concordia, which offered him a spot with the program after finding his film via social media.

“Got this offer while on a ski trip, through an email,” Webb said. “Glad I looked at my email that day.”

Webb officially signed with the Cardinals during a signing ceremony Wednesday at Scottsboro High School.

“I never could’ve imaged this four years ago,” Webb said. “I just worked so hard it at. I went to a lot of camps. A lot of self motivation. I believed in myself.”

Webb first started punting while in junior high and quickly developed a passion for it. He also developed a willingness to work at it.

“I fell in love with it,” Webb said. “It’s just so fun to punt, to see that ball go in the air, spiral and stay in the air for a long time.”

Webb was Scottsboro’s punter the last two seasons. For his career, he punted 90 times for a 32.9 yard per punt average with 14 punts downed inside opponents’ 20-yard line.

“My first two years when Coach [Patrick] Nix was here, we did it straight on, the technique process. But when Coach [Don] Jacobs came here, he taught me ‘this is how you do directional punt, this is your approach steps, this is the line you take, this is your follow through.’ I just worked at it. I won’t some competitions at camps because of it.”

“He’s done a good job,” said Jacobs, a former quarterback and punter at Alabama.  “He has a good leg, got the ball off in a good time. He changed field positions. Being able to pin them deep makes a difference.”

Webb said he will continue to work to improve as a punter, and he’s thankful for Concordia for giving him the opportunity.

“I’m very blessed that they did find me,” Webb said before cracking a joke of his own, “even though it’s cold.”

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