The Scottsboro varsity boys cross country team enjoyed a perfect start to its 2021 season.

The Wildcats notched a perfect score during the Scottsboro 2.1-mile opener at the John R. Esslinger Trail of Champions Thursday night.

Scottsboro finished with a team score of 15 while Fort Payne was second (49 points) and Sylvania third (83).

Rex Green led the way for the Wildcats, winning the individual race title with a time of 10:36.23. Evan Hill finished second (10:37.76) for Scottsboro while Stephen Jones was third (10:47.32), Zach Avenel fourth (11:29.17) and Reese Bell fifth (11:33.78).

In all, Scottsboro had eight of the Top-10 finishers and 10 of the Top 12. 

Josh Hill finished sixth (11:56.18) while Ridge Wells was ninth (12:11.47), Cameron Estes 10th (12:20.60), Johny Felix 11th (12:22.78), Wilson Hill 12th (12:38.86), Cole Snyder 18th (13:11.75), Brady Strickland 19th (13:19.30), Patton Russell 22nd (13:38.00), Brody Williams 26th (14:04.92), Jace Kennedy 31st (14:36.37), Will Paradise 35th (14:56.46), Axl Hastings 36th (15:04.14), Brady Turner 38th (15:22.26), Hunt Holland 39th (15:24.33), Andrew Barber 40th (15:26.59), River Green 43rd (15:52.03), Keyton Allen 44th (16:02.98), McGowan Holt 48th (16:30.59), Craft Sanders 49th (16:30.96), Armando Camacho 51st (16:36.58), Ismael Felix 52nd (16:57.38), Josh Laney 55th (17:25.92), Tommy Clements 57th (17:47.67), Aidan Allred 59th (18:49.30) and Eli Strickland 60th (21:04.84).

Scottsboro girls — The Wildcats finished second in the varsity girls division (34 points) behind winner Fort Payne (22).

Ally Campbell was Scottsboro’s top finisher, placing second (13:28.79) behind Fort Payne’s Maddie Jackson (13:23.76). 

Also for Scottsboro, Maddie Gossett finished fifth (14:01.18) while Emma Bradford was seventh (14:47.48), Cambree Bradford ninth (14:55.60), Smith Bradford 11th (15:07.87), Lauren Paradise 12th (15:18.39), Banks Bradford 16th (15:49.16), Addison Joose (15:7.44), Shelton Linville 18th (15:59.33), McCall Chandler 20th (16:08.16), Regan Epps 21st (16:25.60), Natalie Mir 27th (17:11.16), Bailey Hixon 28th (17:17.53), Collins Bradford 29th (17:18.63), Lela Moser 32nd (17:42.08), Shelby Laughlin 36th (18:32.97), Ava Selby 39th (19:10.91), Brooklyn Chastain 43rd (19:48.79), Kiana Lenox 44th (19:50.99), Madison Quinn 47th (20:12.00), Madison Blanton 48th (20:32.19), Audrey Stokes 49th (20:37.30), Toulla Bucklin 51st (21:46.72), Janet Vincente 52nd (22:08.83), Katy Gamble 54th (25:54.93) and Ariel Freeman 55th (29:30.20).

Skyline —Neither the Skyline girls nor both teams had the required five runners to factor into the team standings, but both teams had runners post solid times during the Scottsboro 2.1-mile opener.

Trever Saint finished 21st in the varsity boys division with a time of 13:31.29. 

Nathan Palmieri finished 47th(16.19.35) while Colby Hambrick was 56th (17:42.13).

For the Skyline girls, Katie Roach finished 40th (19:13.01) while Kaylee Bullock was 53rd (25:01.06).

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