All-Star Game experience

Scottsboro's Ethan Edmondson (left) with Scottsboro head coach Don Jacobs prior to Saturday's Alabama- Mississippi All-Star Classic.


The game was just underway when Alabama All-Star Ethan Edmondson made his first tackle.

“It was special to me, one it being a tackle for a loss,” he said, “but also just thinking about getting able to be out there and make a play like that against those kind of athletes.”

The former Scottsboro defensive end, who announced Monday he will play college football at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, played in the annual Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Classic Saturday at Southern Miss.

The game was tied 7-all at halftime, but the Mississippi All-Stars broke the game open in the second en route to a 42-7 victory.

Edmondson said the final score was the only downside to his all-star experience.

“That was the only [negative] part, but Mississippi played great and deserved to win. I’m really grateful to have gotten to play in it. We lost, but I couldn’t help but smile since I got to play in that game and go through the week. It was a great experience,” said Edmondson, the first Scottsboro player to take part in the event since Mark Worrell in 1996.

Edmondson was pleased with his performance, which included recording 3.5 tackles and the aforementioned tackle for loss. He also had diving stop on a third-down play when a Mississippi quarterback appeared on his way to scrambling for a first down.

“I think I did well,” said Edmondson, who was a starter for the Alabama All-Stars,” Edmondson said. “We swapped in and out a lot, so I stayed fresh the whole game. I had a good week of practice and that helped me prepare to play. There was a lot of great competition. I just wanted to go represent my state and represent Scottsboro High School. I wanted to play well and show what Scottsboro is about.”

The Alabama All-Stars practiced seven times in four days and held meetings as well, forging together a team in less than a week.

“People think you just show up and play, but a lot goes into it,” Edmondson said. “But everybody’s real focused, and that’s how we were able to get the schemes and learn the plays [in a short time span].”

Edmondson said he “made a lot of friends” during the week and enjoyed working with the Alabama All-Stars’ coaching staff, which was led by Piedmont’s Steve Smith and included Fyffe head coach Paul Benefield.

“It was a lot fun,” Edmondson said. “I enjoyed the whole week.”


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