Local teams fared well in Saturday’s Scottsboro Invitational’s small school races.

Pisgah finished fifth in the varsity girls small school race (Class 1A-4A) with 133 points. Pleasant Valley had a winning low score of 25, followed by Ohatchee (81), Brindlee Mountain (93) and White Plains (131). 

Cecilia Garner (24:40.01) and Lauren Peek (24:49.70) were Pisgah’s top finishers, finishing 20th and 21st respectively. Rhylee Bell placed 30th (25:21.38) for the Eagles while Madison Phillips was 32nd (25:28.09), Briley Hembree 42nd (25:58.90), Emma Ellison 46th (26:21.07), Ally Darwin 64th (27:29.43), Katie Guffey 72nd (28:17.50) and Taylor McBride 74th (28:24.24).

Section, making its season debut, finished 13th (337).Section’s Jennifer Vega was the top local finisher in the race, placing eighth with a time of 23:21.51. Cindel Myers finished 62nd (27:20.18) for the Lions while Madison Armstrong was 126th (33:15.56), Makayla Rowell 128th (33:31.18), Morgan Armstrong 138th (35:33.94), Haley Smart 141st (36:10.89) and Shelby Harris 145th (37:12.91).

North Jackson, North Sand Mountain and Skyline each had runners in the race but did not field the required five runners in order to factor in to the team standings. 

Emily Gilley led North Jackson with a 35th-place finish (25:39.76) while Delana Pierce was 36th (25:39.77), Sarah Myers 95th (29:58.02) and Jayden Johnson 146th (37:52.15). For Skyline, Kaylee Saint finished 110th (31:49.44) and Joshlyn Boatwright was 117th (32:27.02).

Varsity Boys

Pisgah finished seventh (183) points while Skyline was 15th (404) and North Jackson was 16th (415) during the varsity boys small school race (Class 1A-4A).

Garrett Ellison led Pisgah with an 11th-place finish (18:36.57) while Tanner Baine was 27th (19:27.88), Zach Cornelison was 36th (20:02.91), Trey Barrentine 62nd (21:24.57), Dalton Wilson 84th (22:09.45), Holden Goff 130th (25:13.31) and Bailey Johnson 145th (26:43.03).

Nathan Olinger was Skyline’s top finisher, placing 51st (20:54.00), while Trever Saint finished 104th (23:18.10), Kordell Talley 106th (23:24.85), Bryant Kennamer 127th (25:00.36) and Tristan Roach 143rd (26:24.16).

Daniel Feigel led North Jackson with a 58th-place finish (21:17.39) while Abraham Castro was 73rd (21:51.27), Edgar Sanchez 126th (24:52.47), Jonathan York 142nd (26:20.07), Will Rich 165th (28:35.83) and Ryan Terry 181st (32:47.63).

 NSM, Section and Woodville had runners in the race but did not have the needed five to factor in the team standings.

NSM Lane Gamble finished 25th (19:21.24) and Juan Luna was 37th (20:10.00) while Woodville’s Jacob Lack finished 48th (20:51.00) and Section’s Wiley McCutchen was 97th (23:00.22). Woodville’s Jacob Chambers placed 131st (25:15.53) while Woodville’s Logan Boggs was 153rd (27:28.93), NSM’s Benton Bethune 156th (27:46.82) and Russell Roswal 177th (31:11.46).

Junior High

Pisgah finished 10th in the junior high girls 2.1-mile race. Jordi Haynes finished 85th (17:42.66) while Annalisse Barnhill 98th (18:23.05), Kimberly Miller 105th (18:38.16), Addison Goff 116th (19:17.54), Gracie Mckee 117th (19:24.03) and Kinsley Phillips 134th (23:00.65).

Skyline’s Kadence Warren finished 25th (20:10.76) while NSM’s Baileigh Tinker finished 111th (31:57.12).

In the junior high boys 2.1-mile race, Pisgah’s Bryant Overdear finished 155th (16:27.85), Jake Smith 158th (16:31.85), Mason Overdear 159th (16:31.91) and Brody Giles 196th (19:03.94). For NSM, Josue Luna finished 29th (12:59.87) while Woodville’s Kade Hermes was 191st (18:49.38).


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