The Scottsboro varsity girls cross country team picked up an impressive win at one of the state’s largest annual cross country races.

Scottsboro won the Jesse Owens Classic’s Girls Bronze Division race at Oakville Indians Mounds Park and Museum on Saturday.

The Wildcats closed with a winning low score of 72, 20 points better than Class 5A rival Lawrence County, which had finished ahead of the Scottsboro in a race earlier this season.

“Now we know we can beat them,” said Scottsboro head coach Luke Robinson, “but I reminded [the runners] that this puts the target on our backs now. We can’t get complacent and think you’re good to go. The state race will be a different race. Just got to keep it up.”

Hannah Cloud (20:50.27) and McCall Chandler (20:50.92) led the Scottsboro effort, placing ninth and 10th respectively. Maddie Gossett finished 14th (21:20.32) for the Wildcats while Hallie Bone was 17th (21:25.26), Emma Bradford 22nd (21:32.22), Anna Carlson 24th (21:35.07), Katie Jones 28th (21:42.07), Amber Littles 30th (21:51.05), Isabella Noble 31st (21:55.23), Ava Duke 45th (22:31.35), Wylie Webb 56th (22:48.06), Emily Littles 77th (23:15.27), Kaylee Farr 84th (23:28.85), Emma Warren 91st (23:47.76), Rainy Hicklen 108th (24:04.78) and Skylar Farr 113th (24:12.07).

“Everybody ran well,” Robinson said. “We had a rule that nobody gets passed in the third mile. Everybody went after it.”

Scottsboro’s varsity boys ran in the Boys Gold Division race and finished 14th with a score of 390. Pope (Georgia) won the Gold Division title with a low score of 155. 

Cooper Atkins finished 60th (16:59.37) for Scottsboro while Devin Berry was 74th (17:05.38), Hal Leighton 97th (17:20.49), Bobby Parsons 98th (17:20.89), Will Coleman 110th (17:24.81), Ben Gossett 147th (17:41.30) and Hayden Judge 150th (17:44.00).

Robinson said the SHS boys weren’t thrilled with their times, but some factors contributed to it.

“I thought the guys did well. The conditions for the Gold race were a little different. It was a slower race than it was in years past,” Robinson said. “Anytime you fee like you didn’t have your best race, learn from it instead of just being down in the dumps about it. We learned from it.”

Scottsboro also had runners race in the Boys Bronze Division, placing third in the team standings with a score of 155. Catholic-Montgomery won the team title (68).

Rex Green ran to a 12th-place finish (17:16.46) while Benson Atkins was 39th (17:56.40), Josue Vela Castillo 53rd (18:11.12), Brady Thomas 54th (18:12.24), Tadd Hancock 59th (18:23.68), Jackson Howes 103rd (19:23.17), Logan Roberts 115th (19:36.17) and Zach Avenal 134th (19:55.89).

Scottsboro finished 16th in the junior high boys 2.1-mile race. Evan Hill led the Wildcats with a 45th-place finish (12:21.18) while Jaylon Trotman finished 80th (13:00.22), Tyler Allen 105th (13:11.26), Cameron Estes 111th (13:18.28), Wilson Hill 128th (13:29.81), Levi Webb 180th (14:03.92), Jo Carlile 198th (14:14.69), Skylar Reichle 263rd (14:58.74), Johnwill Newcom 277th (15:08.65) and Christian Kilgore 330th (16:08.18).


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