Gant's Dungeon weightlifters

Weightlifters representing Gant’s Dungeon in Pisgah recently posted wins in the powerlifting events at the Southern Powerlifting Federation’s Grit House Classic in Cleveland, Tennessee. Pictured standing front row (left to right) are Dalton Johnson, Fox Tinker, John Sims and Caiden Hawkins. Back row: Rhyan Barrett, Terry Gant, Justin Sims, Caleb Green and AJ Gant.

Nine local weightlifters claimed championships during a recent Southern Powerlifting Federation event.

Weightlifters from Gant’s Dungeon in Pisgah competed in the SPF’s Grit House Classic at Cleveland, Tennessee last month.

Rhyan Barrett, a rising junior at Pisgah High School, finished first in the 259-pound weight class in the 16-17-year-old’s division with a 245-pound bench press.

Caleb Green, a rising sophomore at PHS, finished first in the 242-pound weight class’ 13-15-year-old age division with a bench press of 231 pounds while fellow rising PHS sophomores AJ Gant won the 220-pound weight class’ 13-15 age division’s push/pull event with a total weight of 680 pounds and Caiden Hawkins won the 165-pound weight class’ 13-15 age division’s push/pull event with 575 pounds.

Rising PHS freshmen Fox Tinker won the 148-pound weight class’ 13-15 age division’s push/pull event with a 525-pound total while Dalton Johnson won the 132-pound weight class’ 13-15 age division’s push/pull event with 495 pounds.

All six of the lifters posted new personal records and overall records in their respective events.

Meanwhile, John Sims won the push/pull event in the 259-pound weight class’s 20-24 age division with a total weight of 830 pounds.

Justin Sims won the bench press championships in the 20-24 age division with a bench press total of 412 pounds.

Terry Gant won the sling shot event in the heavyweight class with a 425-pound press.

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