Jason Bowen

In this space a few months ago I lamented the end of the high school sports year.

It wrapped up on a hot day last May in Montgomery — When are the days not hot in the capital city? — after starting the previous August with football, cross country and volleyball practice.

Fortunately, it’s time to start again.

Practice officially kicks off for high school volleyball, cross country and football on Monday.

The teams have been training, and for the past month, were able to participate in summer camps and competitions. Although the official start of practice may not have the same feel as it did years ago — as some football coaches indicated in a story in today's Sentinel — it’s still an indicator we look for because it sends the message that high school sports are on the horizon.

In less than three weeks, we will see high school football again, and we’re less than four weeks away from the first volleyball games and cross country meets.

The preseason is filled with optimism. Every team starts 0-0, and its destiny is in its hands. 

The preseason is filled with excitement. Players and coaches are about to cash the checks for their hard work in the offseason. 

The preseason is filled with eagerness. Players want to play, coaches want to coach, and fans want to see them do both.

Entering the season, there are questions about teams and players that we have. Soon, we will have the answers. 

There are plenty of storylines we expect to follow this upcoming seasons. But there will also be some surprising storylines that will develop. There will be heart-warming stories and heart-breaking defeats. Some teams will accomplish great things. Some players will emerge, while others we already know that will dazzle.

This is a wonderful time of anticipation. As the days tick by, the excitement grows. Game time is near. 

Take comfort prep sports fans. Your wait is almost over. To barrow a phrase from a Jimmy Buffet song: “Come Monday, it’ll be all right.”

The season is upon us. Welcome back high school sports. 


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