Three Scottsboro baseball players got a chance to work on their game and show off their skills during the Alabama Baseball Coaches Association’s annual summer showcase last week.

Scottsboro rising junior Landon Grider, a left-handed pitcher/first baseman, played for Team Gray in the AlaBCA Varsity All-Star Event. Meanwhile, rising Scottsboro sophomore left-handed pitcher Carson Peppers and rising sophomore catcher Gregory French played in the AlaBCA Junior Varsity All-Star Event June 5-7.

The events featured guest speakers, filmed individual workouts and drills and games. Players were divided into teams coached by junior college and high school head coaches. Each team played three games.

“I had a lot of fun,” Grider said. “Your competing against good players, and everybody wants to help you be your best. It was fun just meeting new people and making new friends. Just a really fun (experience).”

Due to COVID-19 (coronavirus) restrictions, NCAA coaches were not allowed to attend. But the AlaBCA streamed both events’ games online and tweeted video clips throughout the week.

“It was a great experience for our guys,” said Scottsboro head baseball coach Jess Smith. “Not only did they get to play with and match up with some of the best players in the state, but they got to basically see what it was like to be a student-athlete in college, excluding going to class, but early workouts, the late-night batting practice.”

Smith and assistant coach John M. Knighton took part in the event during their high school playing days.

“That event led us to signing with Central Alabama,” Smith said. “It’s great exposure for the kids. I’m really high on that event. It provides the kids with the extra tools to make them great, not just as athletes, but as students as well. That’s what makes that event so special.”

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