Ricky Whitehead posted victories in two different leagues last week during Victory Lanes' weekly bowling leagues.

Whitehead won the high game scratch and high game handicap divisions in both the Open League and Prime Timers league.

Here are the complete results from last week's play:


High Game Scratch – Ricky Whitehead 299; Bray Brownfield 269; Brad Pope 256

High Game Handicap – Ricky Whitehead 299; Dan Fair 280; Bray Brownfield 273

High Series Scratch – Bray Brownfield 751; Ricky Whitehead 709; Brad Pope and Kevin Atkinson 680

High Series Handicap – Bray Brownfield 763; Rob Valentine 711; Ricky Whitehead 709


High Game Scratch – Men: Ricky Whitehead 279; Tim Mountain 265; Gary Stein 242

High Game Scratch – Women: Sandra Stein 190; Barbara Burns 181; Debby Saint 179

High Game Handicap – Men: Ricky Whitehead 282; Tim Mountain 269; Ricky Mountain 246

High Game Handicap – Women: Sandra Stein 227; Barbara Burns 225; Gail Mountain 205

High Series Scratch – Men: Tim Mountain 709; Ricky Whitehead 705; Gary Stein 644

High Series Scratch – Women: Debby Saint 537; Sandra Stein 459; Barbara Burns 450

High Series Handicap – Men: Tim Mountain 721; Ricky Whitehead 714; Larry McBride 650

High Series Handicap – Women: Gail Mountain 612; Barbara Mathews 584; Barbara Burns 582

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