Section High School is venturing into the high school swimming.

The school will make its debut in the sport Thursday at the Boaz Invitational at the Boaz Recreational Center. Section currently has six scheduled regular-season meets before the AHSAA sectional meet in November.

Kindra Robbins will serve as the program’s head coach. The team currently has two swimmers, Maggie Ella Robbins and Brayden Bell. Both swimmers have had swimming experience as members of the Scottsboro Swim Association teams. 

Maggie Ella Robbins is a multi-time Alabama Parks and Recreation state champion and is a highly-recruited college swimming prospect.

“I noticed last year that we had a student who was nationally ranked in swimming,” said Section principal Doug Haynes. “I asked her parents, both of whom are teachers in Jackson County, if they would be interested in us starting a swimming team so we could compete at the state level. She and her parents jumped on board immediately. They actually only have to change one meet they had been attending in order to compete at the AHSAA meet. 

“I would have hated to see someone win the state swim competition knowing one of our students could challenge for that championship. Since we got started we have another student signed up and several others showing interest. We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for our kids.”

Section and Scottsboro are currently the only local schools with swimming program. Kindra Robbins is excited for the prospects for swimming at Section and the entire county school system. 

“This could be the start of something great for Jackson County Schools,” Kindra Robbins said.

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