The defending Jackson County Basketball Tournament champions are once again the top seeds in the county tournament.

The Pisgah girls and the Skyline boys are the No. 1 seeds in the 2019 Jackson County Tournament’s varsity divisions.

The tournament is Jan. 20-25 at Pisgah High School. Game times and dates have not been finalized.

In the varsity girls divisions, top-seeded Pisgah and second-seeded Skyline receive first-round byes. Third-seeded North Jackson plays sixth-seeded Woodville in quarterfinals while fourth-seeded Section plays fifth-seeded North Sand Mountain. Pisgah then plays the Section-NSM winner in the semifinals while Skyline plays the North Jackson-Woodville winner.

In the varsity boys division, top-seeded Skyline and second-seeded NSM receive first-round byes while third-seeded Section plays sixth-seeded Woodville and fourth-seeded North Jackson plays fifth-seeded Pisgah in quarterfinal games. Skyline plays the North Jackson-Pisgah winner in the semifinals while NSM plays the Section-Woodville winner.

Meanwhile, Pisgah is the top seed in the junior varsity girls division while North Jackson is the second seed, NSM the third seed, Skyline the fourth seed, Section the fifth seed and Woodville the sixth seed.

Section is the No. 1-seed in the junior varsity boys division, followed by second-seeded Skyline, third-seeded NSM, fourth-seeded Pisgah, fifth-seeded North Jackson and sixth-seeded Woodville.

Pisgah is the No. 1 seed in the junior high girls division, followed by second-seeded Stevenson, third-seeded NSM, fourth-seeded Section and fifth-seeded Bridgeport. 

Stevenson is the junior high boys division’s top seed, with NSM seeded second, Section seeded third, Woodville seeded fourth, Pisgah seeded fifth and Bridgeport seeded sixth.

The freshman boys division has only two teams, meaning Section and North Jackson will play in the championship game on Jan. 25.

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