The Pisgah cross country teams will continue their reign as Jackson County Cross Country champion for another year.

The Pisgah teams swept the varsity girls and varsity boys division titles during the 2020 county meet at Pisgah’s course near CampToKnowHim Thursday morning.

Both Pisgah teams have won all eight varsity girls and varsity boys county titles since the Jackson County Meet began in 2013.

“It is always good to win the county meet,” said Pisgah head coach Gus Hembree. “This is good race to get us tuned up for the last stretch of the season.”

Section senior Jennifer Vega was the varsity girls individual county champion after posting a time of 24:02.03. Vega’s was then crowned Section’s Homecoming Queen later that night.

Meanwhile, Mason Overdear won the varsity boys individual county championship with a time of 19:56.73.

Overdear was followed by teammates Brodie Overdear second (20:10.19), Austin Wilson third (20:12.49) and Bob Johnson fourth (20:36.66).  

“On the boys side, this group has been pushing each other all year,” Hembree said. 

“I have not had the same finish order all year. Each week a different order shows up. There is as much inter competition among them as I have had in a long time.”

Jamison Rowell (21:25.17) of county runner-up Skyline was fifth while North Jackson’s Alex Roper was sixth (21:41.63), Pisgah’s Bryant Overdear seventh (22:06.41), Pisgah’s Jake Smith eighth (22:25.77), Pisgah’s Emanuel Elizondo ninth (22:55.98), Pisgah’s Koen Smith 10th (24:23.14), Pisgah’s Holden Goff 11th (24:28.10), Skyline’s Kristian King 12th (24:29.61) and Skyline’s Colby Hambrick 13th (24:55.29), North Jackson’s Jay Yates 14th (24:45.46), Woodville’s Isreal Prado 15th (24:57.49), Pisgah’s Bailey Johnson 16th (25:06.09), Skyline’s Scott York 17th (25:25.77), Pisgah’s Tristan Hudson 18th (26:44.42), North Jackson’s Edgar Sanchez 19th (26:46.21), Section’s Cogan McCutchen 20th (27:22.12), Pisgah’s Ethan Smith 21st (27:29.96), Pisgah’s Austin Mabry 22nd (27:43.29), Skyline’s Nathan Palieri 23rd (29:07.46), Pisgah’s Alex Elizondo 24th (30:54.73), Woodville’s Kade Hermes 25th (31:12.42), Section’s Giovanny Vega 26th (31:43.84) and North Jackson’s Andrew Fiegel 27th (33:02.69).

In the girls race, Pisgah’s Kayana Stewart finished second (25:17.99) and Nevaeh Evans was third (25:30.98) while North Sand Mountain’s Kayden Reyes was fourth (25:39.52), Pisgah’s Serenity Olinger fifth (26:15.08), Pisgah’s Jazimine Wilson sixth (26:26.54), Pisgah’s Laily Brown seventh (27:06.80), Skyline’s Katie Roach eighth (27:08.00), Pisgah’s Emma Sisk ninth (28:13.13), Pisgah’s Kimberly Miller 10th (30:36.77), North Jackson’s Delana Pierce 11th (30:54.43), Pisgah’s Addison Goff 12th (31:19.47), North Jackson’s Saiyni Ramirez 13th (32:23.04), Skyline’s Kaylee Bullock 14th (35:31.86), Pisgah’s Kinsley Phillips 15th (35:51.92) and Section’s Sammie White 16th (36:41.97).

“On the girls side, we did it with my newbies stepping up big,” Hembree said. “With Rhylee (Bell) out, Kayana, Neveah, Serenity had to be big. Jazz has worked hard with this group and had them primed for the meet. Laily and Emma also ran well for us.” 

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