The Scottsboro football program’s 2021 season ended with the regular season, but a recent development showed the Wildcats should have taken part in the state playoffs.

Scottsboro principal Brad Dudley confirmed Friday that Scottsboro has received a forfeit win over Springville, which used an ineligible player during the teams’ game on Sept. 17 that Springville won 24-21 on a last-second field goal.

The forfeit win makes Scottsboro’s official 2021 season record 4-6. The forfeiture, which was made official on the day of the Class 6A quarterfinals, would have elevated Scottsboro into the fourth and final playoff berth in Class 6A Region 7 had it been done earlier.

“My question is the timing,” said Scottsboro head coach Cris Bell. “We should’ve ended up fourth in a tie with Southside and we had the head-to-head (tiebreaker) with Southside.”

Instead, Southside was the region’s No. 4-seed and played Class 6A Region 5 champion and No. 2-ranked Mountain Brook in the opening round of the 6A playoffs, losing 63-0.

Bell admitted the Wildcats would’ve faced an uphill battle against Mountain Brook, but it was a challenge he’d love his team to have had the opportunity to face.

“If nothing else, our kids would’ve had another week of practice and then had the experience of going out and playing a playoff game,” Bell said. “I would’ve loved the opportunity to go down to Mountain Brook and have played (in the playoffs). I think that would’ve been great for our kids. (The timing) is frustrating. I would’ve loved to have had the opportunity to go to the playoffs with this bunch. They did everything we asked of them all year.”

Bell said he did not believe Springville intentionally used an ineligible player.

“My understanding is it was a summer thing,” Bell said. “(The ineligible player) enrolled (at Springville) before he made a bonafide move. I feel bad for Coach (Jon) Clements. I know him and that’s not who he is. The kid is enrolled in your school so you think he’s good to go (through summer workouts). I hate (the situation) for them, but I hate it for our kids too.”

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