Jackson County runners and teams enjoyed a lot of success during the 2019 high school cross country season. Here is a look at some of the highlights from last season:



» Scottsboro won the season-opening Lawrence County Pepsi Challenge large-school boys division title. Cooper Atkins (16:29.82) won the individual title while Hayden Judge was third (16:44.68), Benson Atkins fifth (16:49.36), Zach Avenel was sixth (16:58.82) and Rex Green was ninth (17:12.79) to round out Scottsboro’s top-five scoring runners. Noah Bonsall finished 12th (17:19.17) while Josue Vela Castillo was 17th (17:42.13), Jackson Howes 24th (18:04.63), Brady Thomas 27th (18:09.23), Ridge Wells 45th (18:53.88), Skylar Reichle 113th (22:10.72), Christian Kilgore (22:59.50), Jo Carlile 138th (23:43.72), Nathan Bearden 144th (24:32.54) and Colin Selenerick (24:53.82).

» The Pisgah cross country teams swept their season-opening Pisgah Invitational. Pisgah’s Rhylee Bell finished second (26:27.57) to lead the PHS girls’ effort while Kaylynn Morgan was seventh (27:46.12), Lauren Peek ninth (27:58.02), Ally Darwin 11th (28:37.30), Kaylea Griffis 17th (29:47.35) and Kimberly Miller 24th (31:52.65). For the PHS boys, Tanner Baine finished third (21:07.22) while Tristan Little was fourth (21:32.98), Zach Cornelison sixth (21:53.75), Mason Overdear seventh (22:00.45), Trey Barrentine 10th (22:37.23), Austin Wilson 16th (23:48.16), Bryant Overdear 20th (25:54.68) and Bailey Johnson 27th (33:24.17).

» Section’s Jennifer Vega took the stop in the Pisgah Invitational’s small-school girls race winning with a time of 26:12.77.



» Scottsboro posted a perfect score (15 points) to win the Black and Gold Classic’s large-school boys division title. Scottsboro’s Hayden Judge won the race with a time of 15:58.62. Cooper Atkins finished second (16:26.02), Benson Atkins fourth (16:31.31), Rex Green fifth (16:48.02), Zach Avenel sixth (16:58.10), Noah Bonsall seventh (17:27.54), Ben Gossett eighth (17:36.33), Brady Thomas 10th (17:44.44), Josue Vela Castillo 12th (18:01.52), Jackson Howes 13th (18:12.54), Ridge Wells 16th (18:46.92), Zach Reichle 33rd (21:40.67), Jo Carlile 36th (21:51.45), Christian Kilgore 44th (22:28.35), Colin Selenerick 52nd (24:31.59) and Nathan Bearden 53rd (25:14.85)

» Pisgah won Scottsboro’s Black and Gold Classic’s small-school boys division title. Tanner Baine was Pisgah’s top finisher, placing seventh with a time of 19:51.59. Cornelison placed eighth (20:08.01), Tristan Little 12th (20:18.10), Trey Barrentine 14th (21:29.88), Austin Wilson 18th (21:39.70), Mason Overdear 26th (21:52.45), Bob Johnson 33rd (22:45.22), Jake Smith 43rd (23:30.49), Bryant Overdear 52nd (24:15.99), Holden Goff 61st (26:55.73), Bailey Johnson 68th (29:08.07) and Austin Mabry 69th (30:37.21).

» Section finished sixth in the Randolph Cross Country Classic’s Class 1A-4A girls division. Jennifer Vega led the Section effort with a 10th-place finish (24:17.04). Madison Armstrong followed with a 26th-place finish (26:38.86) while Cindel Myers was 58th (29:42.46), Morgan Armstrong 63rd (29:51.87) and Carley Patterson 78th (31:48.96).

» North Jackson finished eighth in the Randolph Cross Country Classic’s Class 1A-4A girls division. North Jackson’s top finisher was Wences Ramirez, who placed 26th with a time of 20:28.59. Also for the Chiefs, Christian Coronado finished 43rd (21:42.17), Daniel Feigel 68th (23:23.93), Alex Roper 86th (24:28.59), Jay Yates 109th (26:44.27), Edgar Sanchez 113th (26:50.28), Will Rich 151st (31:56.63), Ryan Terry 155th (32:25.42) and Abraham Castro 173rd (37:01.69).

» The Pisgah girls finished second in the Southern Showcase meet. Rhylee Bell was the Pisgah girls’ top finisher, placing sixth with a time of 23:52.14. Kaylynn Morgan was eighth (23:59.96) while Serenity Olinger was 15th (25:33.53), Lauren Allbritton 24th (27:26.42), Jazimine Wilson 27th (27:38.63) and Addison Goff 45th (34:35.18). 

» Scottsboro won the Scottsboro Invitational’s varsity boys division title. Cooper Atkins won the race with a time of 15:48.98 while Benson Atkins was third (16:17.88), Rex Green fourth (16:30.83), Josue Vela Castillo (16:40.66), Zach Avenel seventh (16:41.58), Evan Hill ninth (16:42.58), Ben Gossett 18th (17:12.72), Brady Thomas 20th (17:19.98), Wilson Hill 24th (17:46.45), Josh Hill 35th (18:10.92), Jackson Howes 39th (18:15.86), Ridge Wells 50th (18:36.13), Cameron Estes 69th (19:12.76), Jo Carlile 168th (21:4557), Skylar Reichle 175th (21:52.29), Christian Kilgore 186th (22:32.94), Nathan Bearden 229th (25:04.08) and Colin Selenerick 244th (26:06.95).

» Pisgah won its seventh straight Jackson County Girls Cross Country Championship while Section was second, Skyline third and North Jackson fourth. Pisgah’s Rhylee Bell won the individual county title with a time of 24:22, eight seconds in front of runner-up Jennifer Vega of Section. Rounding out the Top 10 were Pisgah’s Kaylea Griffis third (25:51), Pisgah’s Kaylynn Morgan fourth (26:06), Pisgah’s Serenity Olinger fifth (26:14), Pisgah’s Lauren Peek sixth (26:33), Pisgah’s Ally Darwin seventh (26:36), Pisgah’s Jazimine Wilson eighth (26:51), North Jackson’s Delana Pierce ninth (27:37.26) North Jackson’s Emily Gilley 10th (27:37.80).

» Pisgah won its seventh straight Jackson County Boys Cross Country Championship while NSM was second, Skyline third and North Jackson fourth. NSM’s Jayden Culpepper won the individual county title with a time of 19:40, eight seconds in front of Pisgah’s Tanner Baine (19:48). Rounding out the Top 10 were NSM’s Lane Gamble in third place (19:54), Pisgah’s Zach Cornelison fourth (20:16), NSM’s Josue Luna fifth (20:25), Pisgah’s Tristan Little sixth (20:34), North Jackson’s Abraham Castro seventh (20:54) and Pisgah’s Trey Barrentine (21:15), Austin Wilson (21:47) and Jake Smith (21:49.27) eighth, ninth and 10th respectively.



» Scottsboro finished second in the Jesse Owens Classic’s Boys 5K Gold Division. Cooper Atkins led the Scottsboro charge with an eighth-place finish (16:00.45). Hayden Judge finished 14th (16:16.35) while Benson Atkins was 18th (16:26.17), Zach Avenel 33rd (16:42.74), Ben Gossett 69th (17:17.99), Rex Green 103rd (17:43.47) and Josue Vela Castillo 112th (17:48.00).

» The Scottsboro junior high girls and boys cross country teams swept the annual Seventh and Eighth Grade Cross Country Championships. Scottsboro had four of the top-eight finishers in the girls race. Cambree Bradford finished third for the Wildcats with a time of 12:50.89 while Ally Campbell was fourth (12:56.14), Smith Bradford sixth (13:00.15) and Mabry Bonsall eighth (13:15.44). Rounding out Scottsboro’s top-five scoring runners was 12th-place finisher Gracy Coley (13:30.73). In the boys race, Hamilton Richardson led the Scottsboro effort with a fifth-place finish (11:22.61). Stephen Jones finished seventh (11:31.06) while Johny Felix placed 10th (11:40.42), Alex Avenel 12th (11:51.65) and River Green 13th (11:58.22) to round out the Wildcats’ top-five scoring runners. 



» The Scottsboro girls and boys cross country teams swept the Class 5A Section 4 meet championships. The SHS boys posted a perfect scores as its runners took the top-five spots. Cooper Atkins won the race with a time of 15:22.29, while Judge was second (15:26.63), Benson Atkins third (16:22.33), Zach Avenel fourth (16:24.86) and Evan Hill fifth (16:32.39). All of the Wildcats’ 10 runners had top-18 finishes. Ben Gossett finished ninth (16:44.05) while Noah Bonsall was 11th (16:46.87), Brady Thomas 14th (16:59.84), Josue Vela Castillo 15th (17:12.43) and Rex Green 18th (17:39.69). For the SHS girls, Ally Campbell finished second (19:52.25) while Maddie Gossett was fourth (20:17.18), Emma Bradford sixth (20:22.60), Smith Bradford seventh (20:27.29), Mabry Bonsall 10th (20:37.58), Anna Carlson 17th (20:59.39), Cambree Bradford 18th (20:59.68), Gracy Coley 19th (20:59.74), Lauren Paradise 25th (21:22.31) and Makenna Howes 28th (21:43.38).

» Pisgah’s girls and boys cross country teams secured berths in the state meet during the Class 3A Section 4 Meet. The Pisgah boys finished second, as Tanner Baine finished seventh (18:32.55), Zach Cornelison 11th (19:14.89), Tristan Little 15th (19:44.64), Mason Overdear 19th (20:06.76), Bob Johnson 21st (20:12.61), Austin Wilson 22nd (20:19.90), Trey Barrentine 23rd (20:23.57), Jake Smith 29th (21:14.29), Bryant Overdear 31st (21:43.79) and Holden Goff 34th (22:04.47). Meanwhile, the PHS girls were fourth after Rhylee Bell finished ninth (22:23.03), Kaylynn Morgan 12th (24:43.30), Ally Darwin 28th (24:54.37), Lauren Peek 31st (25:14.51), Briley Hembree 37th (26:01.76), Lauren Allbritton 39th (26:07.16) and Korin Brock 42nd (26:46.88).

» NSM earned the program’s first state meet appearance by finishing fourth in the Class 1A-2A boys Section 4 Meet. Jayden Culpepper, Lane Gamble and Josue Luna posted Top-17 finishes to lead the Bison effort. Jayden Culpepper finished sixth with a time of 18:49.09 for NSM while Lane Gamble was 10th (19:26.09), Josue Luna 17th (20:12.78), Jonah Slay 40th (21:31.77) and Jack Case 78th (24:39.19).

» Section junior Jennifer Vega qualified for state for the Class 1A-2A state cross country meet for the fourth straight season thanks to a seventh-place finish at sectionals. Her time was 23:31.84.

» Scottsboro swept the Class 5A girls and boys state cross country championships. It was the fourth consecutive state title for the SHS boys and the third straight for the SHS girls. Junior Cooper Atkins won his first individual boys state championship, leading an SHS boys effort that featured six of the top-nine finishers and eight all-state finishers (Top-15) in all. Hayden Judge finished fourth (16:18.50) for Scottsboro while Evan Hill was sixth (16:29.64), Zach Avenel seventh (16:30.58), Benson Atkins eighth (16:32.39), Rex Green ninth (16:32.71), Ben Gossett 13th (16:46.84), Brady Thomas 14th (16:47.57), Noah Bonsall 18th (17:03.11) and Josue Vela Castillo 28th (17:31.91). Meanwhile, the SHS girls had all five of its scoring runners earn all-state honors with Top-15 finishes. Eighth-grader Ally Campbell led the Wildcats with a sixth-place finish (19:45.90) while freshman Emma Bradford was ninth (18:54.99), sophomore Maddie Gossett 10th (20:00.09), eighth-grader Smith Bradford 12th (20:19.86) and seventh-grader Mabry Bonsall 15th (20:34.17). Gracy Coley, a seventh-grader, just missed an all-state finish in 16th place (20:39.50) while Cambree Bradford was 20th (20:48.33), Lauren Paradise 33rd (21:16.39), Makenna Howes 37th (21:22.56) and Anna Carlson 42nd (21:27.45)

» The Pisgah girls and boys cross country teams both posted 11th-place finishes in the Class 3A team standings at the state meet. For the PHS boys, Tanner Baine was the top finisher, placing 41st with a time of 18:20.71. Tristan Little followed in 68th-place (19:00.31) while Zach Cornelison was 70th (19:03.01), Mason Overdear 78th (19:14.13), Bob Johnson 98th (19:45.94), Trey Barrentine 104th (1959.20), Austin Wilson 118th (20:14.65), Jake Smith 125th (20:25.04), Holden Goff 145th (21:47.81) and Bryant Overdear 151st (22:02.48). For the PHS girls, Rhylee Bell led the Eagles with a 49th-place finish (22:39.64) while Serenity Olinger was 61st (23:08.39), Kaylynn Morgan 72nd (23:28.89), Kaylea Griffis 88th (24:08.57), Jazimine Wilson 106th (24:42.98), Ally Darwin 107th (24:43.80), Lauren Allbritton 112th (24:56.28), Lauren Peek 125th (25:15.08), Briley Hembree 143rd (26:16.12) and Korin Brock 148th (26:47.83).

» The NSM boys cross country team made its state meet debut with a 12th-place finish in the Class 1A-2A boys standings. Jayden Culpepper was NSM’s top finisher, just missing earning all-state honors (Top-15 finish) with a 17th-place finish after posting a personal-record time of 17:57.20. Lane Gamble finished 50th (19:10.75) for the Bison while Josue Luna was 53rd (19:19.08), Jorge Luna 134th (22:08.12), Jonah Slay 140th (22:39.43), Jack Case 142nd (22:50.05) and Fernando Luna 147th (23:10.42).

» Section’s Jennifer Vega posted a 32nd-place finish in the Class 1A-2A girls race. They junior, who was running at state for the fourth straight season, posted a time of 22:43.48.

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