Jason Davidson has been named as the Jackson County Superintendent of Education. The announcement was made at this week’s meeting of the Jackson County Board of Education. 

Davidson will serve until 2024 to complete the unexpired term of the late Superintendent Kevin Dukes.

“I want to finish the things I started with Kevin,” Davidson said.  “I feel I owe it to him to see that through. Kevin’s dream was to see Jackson County move in a direction that brings opportunities to students they have never had before, and I will continue to work toward that goal.”

Davidson is a Jackson County native and an 18 year-education veteran. He taught at North Jackson High School, served as principal at Skyline High School, and was most recently the director of EPCOT (Earnest Pruett Center of Technology). 

He is a graduate of Bryant Junior High School, North Sand Mountain High School, and Jacksonville State University.

Davidson started his first day as superintendent by meeting with the faculty at EPCOT. He said he was surprised by how many of the EPCOT students came by to congratulate him.

When asked if he had any immediate plans for changes, he said he wants to maintain a smooth and peaceful transition. 

“Dr. [Angela] Guess got us started in this school year, so I want to continue the transition,” Davidson added.

To all the employees of the Jackson County School System, Davidson said, “Do what you did yesterday. Let’s work together and support each other for the good of our system.”

There are nearly 5,000 students in the county school system. These students are spread out attending schools across this large county. 

Davidson said he wants to get to know the people who work in the system, but he knows that will take some time. You can expect to see him out in the schools.

Davidson will continue the work he started with Dukes on the Jackson County Innovation Center and Career Academy which is currently under construction. He is excited to see this project complete. 

Both EPCOT and the central office will be moving to that location. It is expected that the center will be named in some way after Dukes who was instrumental in getting this project underway.

The last two years at EPCOT have been fun for Davidson. He enjoyed seeing the students training for careers. 

EPCOT provides real life applications and gives students the opportunities to look into various careers while still in high school.  He said the students there are serious about what they do each day.

Davidson is making no determination at this time as to whether or not he will run for the superintendent position with that time comes. He has never sought public office, so that would be a new experience.  He said he would look at how his work as superintendent has affected him, his family,  and the school system before making that decision. For now he is focusing on today and moving the system in the right direction.

Davidson and his wife, Lacie, are the parents of two daughters. Brilyn is a junior at North Sand Mountain High School. Britton is in the seventh grade there. 

Laci is the ARI Reading coach at North Sand Mountain. The family resides in Bryant. 

Davidson said, “Jackson County will always be home.”

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