When thinking of Veteran’s Day, most of the thoughts typically go out to the soldiers in the field, who saw and participated in the combat naturally associated with war. However, many are quick to forget the doctors and nurses, tasked with the prospect of constant stress induced by loads of wounded soldiers, allies and enemies alike, trying to save their lives, from the simplest of wounds to the most grotesque.

Myra Gail Williams Womack, from Section, enlisted in the Army in May 1969. She would be assigned to the 24th Evacuation Hospital in Long Binh Post. The 24th Evacuation Hospital was the largest bed capacity hospital, a neuro-maxillofacial center, a VC prison and had the only obstetrician in the country. Due to these special facilities, Womack’s hospital had some of the worst head and face injured patients, from both the US and VC alike, as well as a lot of C-section pregnancies.

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